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This Time-Lapse Video Of Life Inside A Campervan Will Take Away Your Fear Of Small Space Living

Have you ever wondered what living in a small campervan is like? Do you worry that you won’t ‘fit’? Are you scared about taking the plunge?

Mike Hudson was in your position. He knew that he wanted to live in a van and travel more than anything. But like most people, he had a job and a regular life that was hard to leave behind. So he quit his job.

After he gave his one month’s notice to his boss, he didn’t know what came next.

He said,

I was just trusting new steps would appear before me once the current one had been completed, although I couldn’t really say this to my employer or colleagues.

Mike started to give away most of his possessions and bought a 10-year-old van on eBay. He didn’t like the way most ‘normal’ motorhomes or campers looked, so he came up with his own layout. You can read more about his van or check out all the pictures of the conversion on his website.

This is a short time lapse video he made to show you what it’s like to live inside a campervan.

More about Mike Hudson:

How to make your own campervan:

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