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6 Unique Alarm Clocks That Will Get You Up & Ready To Hit The Road

There are so many places to visit and just not enough time. Don’t waste any more minutes by hitting the snooze button. Chronic snooze button hitters could be losing up to 100 days over a lifetime with those extra 5 minutes of sleep every day. These six innovative alarm clocks will get you up and ready to start your day.

1. Ruggie

unique alarm clocks

Ruggie is a fleece and memory foam mat that requires you to place your two feet on it for at least three seconds to stop the alarm. Audio files can be uploaded to greet you with a customizable “good morning” or play your favorite song. They’re available on Amazon here.

2. Philips Wake Up Light

unique alarm clocks
Sunrise Light

Inspired by nature’s sunrise, the Wake Up Light alarm clock wakes you up with a colored sunrise stimulation. Over a period of 30 minutes, the clock will change color from red to orange to a bright yellow light, waking up your body naturally. Once the light has filled your room, one of 7 natural sounds will also come on, gradually increasing in sound over a minute and half. Check them out online here.

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3. iLuv SmartShaker

unique alarm clocks

If you want to surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, then the SmartShaker alarm clock is your stealthy accomplice. Place the SmartShaker under your pillow and it will vibrate to only wake you up. For other situations, set the SmartShaker to wake you up with an alarm tone or a combination of vibration and sound. They’re about $30 on Amazon here.

4. ThinkGeek Snūznlūz


You snooze, you lose, literally. This alarm clock named Snūznlūz will get you up without hitting the snooze button because if you don’t, it’ll donate your money to an organization that you hate. All you need to do is link the clock to your banking institution, select a charity from the included list of over 6,200 non-profit organizations that least-fits what you believe in, and choose the dollar amount the clock will donate if you don’t wake up on time. 

5. Sensorwake

The Gadget Flow
The Gadget Flow 

The Sensorwake alarm clock wakes you up with stimulating pleasant smells instead of jarring loud sounds. The clock has a time release aroma that progressively gets stronger over a period of 2 minutes. You can choose between 7 scents:

  • Seaside
  • Croissant
  • Toast
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate
  • Peppermint
  • Grass

If you happen to be stuffed up from a head cold, the clock can be set up for a sound to wake you up 3 minutes after the scent has been released.

6. Wake N Bacon

All Shark Tank Products
All Shark Tank Products

While this clock’s only a concept and can’t be purchased, it’s still appealing enough to be mentioned. The idea behind Wake N Bacon is that you’d place a slice of bacon on the tray inside the clock, set the alarm, and 10 minutes before the alarm goes off the clock will cook the bacon. If the smell of bacon doesn’t wake you up, knowing that there’s a slice of warm bacon ready to be eaten should get you out of bed.

I would love to wake up to all of these – except maybe the one donating my money! What about you – would you like to have any of these alarm clocks for your place? Let us know in the comments below.

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