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What Should You Pack In A Teardrop Trailer’s Galley Kitchen?

Deciding what to pack in a teardrop trailer’s chuck wagon kitchen can cause a lot of stress.

There’s just not a lot of room, and if you forget something you really do need, you could be stuck out at a campsite unable to cook or enjoy your meals.

While most teardrop trailer galleys are small, you can still fit a surprising amount of stuff inside. 

Sometimes it can be a blessing to not have a large RV refrigerator to pack and unpack. While many RVers like to use collapsible cooking utensils, you can get away with using regular cookware if you’re careful about how you pack everything.

Teardrop trailer galley
Tiny Yellow Teardrop

Christina Nellemann writes about teardrop trailers at Tiny Yellow Teardrop. She made an awesome walkthrough of what she packs in her Sunflower’s galley kitchen when she heads out into Nature.

You’ll see pictures of every item, along with helpful tips on why she brings each along. I’ve never seen anything like this before! You’re going to love it.

See a complete walkthrough on how to pack a teardrop trailer kitchen at Christina’s site here…

Tiny Yellow Teardrop: What do we keep in the teardrop galley?

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