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This Is Who Will Drive Your Rig In 2025. Meet the Mercedes’ 2025 Concept Truck.

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

I’ve been reading a lot about the Google Self-Driving Car lately. Which got me wondering, “could they make a driver-less RV?”

A couple of months ago, Mercedes showed a truck of the future that it expects to start selling in 2025.

Mercedes Future Truck 2025The truck doesn’t look too much different than the current semis you see on the road, but it does have a more aerodynamic shape, improved LED lighting, and radar and other cameras to guide it on the road.

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Yes- that radar.

But Mercedes thinks that even in 2025 they’ll still need a backup driver to take control should anything go wrong with the automatic driving system.

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The main benefit of the automatic driving system is to improve fuel efficiency, much like the autopilot system does on a commercial airliner or a large ocean-going oil tanker.

The computer is better able to make small corrections and more finely tune the accelerator and brake, which over a long journey makes a big difference in fuel usage.

The Future Truck has been tested at speeds up to 50 MPH in realistic traffic conditions.

The radar sensors constantly scan the road ahead and around the truck, sending feedback to the steering and engine control units.

Mercedes said that,

…in the future, accidents caused by human error will therefore be largely a thing of the past. Safety regulations such as speed limits or safety gaps between vehicles will always be strictly adhered to.

The company also imagines trucks and other vehicles communicating with each other to coordinate lane changes and passing.

It all sounds a bit spooky to me, but I guess we won’t have any accidents to worry about either.

Some more pictures of the Mercedes Future Truck of 2025:

Mercedes Future Truck

Head on shot of the Mercedes Future Truck

Driver inside cockpit

Spacious cockpit in the Mercedes 2025 Truck

View of the other side of the cabin

Cabin at night

Cabin facing forward

What do you think? Will computers be driving RVs ten years from now? Will you miss driving your rig?

Watch a video about the Mercedes 2025 Future Truck below.



Source: IEEE Spectrum and CarScoops

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