Whiskey Tango Kitchen Trailer: Pop Up RV Kitchen

Anyone who tailgates or has in years past will find this RV kitchen trailer mod to be quite impressive. A talented craftsman with one heck of an imagination named Jonny  modified an aging  pop up camper into a mobile RV kitchen trailer which he named “Whiskey Tango”. Jonny tends to camp with large groups of friends and as a result of a communal meals type agreement came up with this fantastic concept. The Whiskey Tango Kitchen Trailer becomes the centralized eatery and once the kids have gone to bed it also serves as the bar.

The total cost was around $4000 when it was al said and done. When you consider that there is no longer a need to cook inside the RV, unpack supplies, setup tables or anything of that matter it starts to sound reasonable. If it is edible or drinkable its put in the kitchen trailer which frees up a remarkable amount of space inside the RV.


Needless to say this kitchen trailer is quite a head turner at a RV park. I can see the local RV’ers chasing behind the trailer in much the same stereotypical manner a groupie would as a celebrity is pulling up to a movie premiere.

This RV based Kitchen Trailer has the following impressive features:

  • The kitchen trailer is built on a pop up camper chassis so it is easily towable and fits in a garage
  • It has a full size 100,000 BTU BBQ
  • Stores all the “adult refreshments” out of sight
  • Jockey Box beer tap system
  • Fold down 26” LCD TV with DVD player that is cable ready.
  • Covered the exterior with wood print vinyl flooring for durability.
  • Majority of the items to build the kitchen trailer were purchased on Craigslist


Whiskey Tango – BBQ Tailgating Trailer
Watch this video on YouTube.

Its unfortunate that these kitchen trailers aren’t available at the local RV dealership as I think availability would make them much more popular. But, the sourcing of the parts, tear-down of the old pop up camper, and the remodeling process are a form of enjoyment for most of us within itself. Hard to find a more fun filled RV remodel than the Whiskey Tango Kitchen Trailer. If there are others you have seen in campgrounds or RV parks please submit a photo in comments or over in our forums.


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