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RV Shoe Dryers: Simple Solutions For Wet Winter Days

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

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Are RV Shoe Dryers Worth Bringing On Your Trips?

Even though RVs are smaller than homes, it can still be a never-ending struggle to keep them clean! By now, you’re probably used to sweeping the floor, but this chore gets harder once the chilly weather rolls around. If you’re constantly tracking in gravel, ice, rock salt, and puddles of water, you may want to consider using RV shoe dryers.

Shoes are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to keeping an RV clean. You’ll need to wear them if you step outside or take a quick errand. Even in a short span of time, they can become wet and dirty. The wetter they are, the worse they’ll affect your floors. Therefore, a shoe dryer is one way to keep the mess contained.

There are multiple ways to keep your shoes dry and clean. You can buy electric dryers to evaporate any liquid, or use more traditional methods like entry rugs and shoe bins. But these store-bought dryers can be a huge comfort for those who travel in wet or dirty areas, so it can be a nice investment. Read on to learn about the necessity of a shoe drying system, as well as some options you can try.

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Why use a shoe dryer?

There are all kinds of gadgets and accessories for modern RVers to choose from. A shoe dryer might seem frivolous, but it can actually provide some genuine benefits!

Everyone has dealt with the frustration of slipping in a puddle or seeing the freshly-cleaned floor get covered in grit. If you invest in a shoe-drying solution, you can remove one more headache from your life. So what benefits can they offer?

1. Less floor maintenance

First of all, a dryer will keep your dirty shoes off the floor. If you place them on the dryer as soon as you step inside, you won’t track in water, mud, and other debris. As the shoe dries, anything that’s caked onto the surface will become easy to shake off. You can just step outside, knock the shoes together a few times, and bring them in—good as new!

This means that you won’t have to work so hard to keep your floors clean. The less dirt you track inside, the less frequently you’ll have to sweep and mop. Your floors will look nicer, and you won’t have to worry so much about stains and water damage. That sounds like a win to me!

2. Fewer tripping hazards

If you bring wet shoes inside, they can leave puddles, mud, and wet streaks on the floor. These can be annoying, but sometimes dangerous as well! If you walk into a puddle without realizing it, you could slip and fall. In a small space like an RV, a fall is no joke. You can easily bang your knee, slam into a cabinet, or worse.

Of course, this is an extreme example, but nobody likes to fall down. Anything you can do to reduce tripping hazards will be a big help.

3. Reduces odor

Let’s face the facts: Wet, dirty shoes don’t smell great. The longer they sit, the more they stink! If you’re traveling in the fall and winter, you might not have the option to keep them outside and let the sun take care of the odor.

So if bad-smelling shoes are a common problem around your RV, you’ll want something that can dry them out and prevent a buildup of damp, stinky smells.

4. Keep your socks dry

Finally, there’s the matter of comfort! There’s nothing worse than stepping in a cold puddle while you’re wearing socks. Your feet will instantly feel wet, cold, and dirty. It’s a total mood-killer. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution that keeps the puddles at bay?

If you detest wet socks, a shoe dryer could be a dream come true for you. Plus, some dryers even keep the shoes nice and warm, so they’ll be comfortable to slip into when you’re ready to head out.

Shoe dryer options

Now that you’ve considered the benefits, let’s talk about some of the best options for RV shoe dryers. These range from trademarked products to DIY solutions, so there should be something that works for everyone!

1. Electric shoe dryers/warmers

First up, you could always invest in a store-bought product that was specifically designed to keep your shoes warm and dry. There are several different designs and models, but most dryers are built so you can hang your shoes upside down and let them dry from the inside out.

A product like the JobSite Boot Dryer would be great if you’re a solo camper who only needs to dry one set of shoes at a time. Larger groups may enjoy the Force Dry DX + Travel Boot Warmer from DryGuy. This one has four stands so you can dry multiple boots at once.

These gadgets use a steady stream of thermal air to dry your boots, gloves, and any other wet items. The heating is gradual, so you don’t have to worry about anything burning or shrinking. Some products can also reduce foot odors and get your shoes warm within 30 minutes.

The price isn’t too bad either! Most options are between $30-$50, although some of the larger ones are closer to $100. But if you want to treat yourself for the upcoming winter, a shoe dryer can be a great addition to any RV.

2. Homemade shoe dryer

If you want similar results without spending much money, you can also try to create your own DIY shoe dryer! This follows the same principle of hanging shoes upside down so you can allow them to air out. But instead, you can make them with cheap materials like PVC pipes.

These won’t provide the same warming effects and they may take longer to dry your shoes. But they will prevent puddles and keep your dirty shoes off the floor! You could even get creative by hanging up your shoes in a closet with a towel to catch any drips.

3. Boot scrubber

Another low-effort option is a boot scrubber. These are designed to brush away dirt, debris, and anything else that may be clinging to your shoes. Most models have brushes on the bottom and on the sides for greater coverage. As an added bonus, they can help you remove some moisture from your shoes as well!

They may not get your shoes completely dry, but they will cut back on the puddles and mess that you might track inside. If you’re interested, The Original Boot Scrubber from JobSite is a popular option!

4. Disposable shoe covers

Sometimes you don’t want to wait for your shoes to dry off before you head out again. Shoe dryers are fantastic, but they usually take a few hours to finish up. If you’re in a hurry and want to keep your shoes clean and dry, why not use some disposable shoe covers?

These are great for quick little excursions outside. You just step into them, do your errands, then peel them off before you come back inside. But because they’re fairly thin, there’s a risk that they could rip. Just keep that in mind if you want to go this route!

5. Other changes around your RV

If dirty, wet shoes have been a consistent problem around your RV, you can also make some small adjustments to make things easier on yourself. For instance, maybe you could place a rug or mat by your entrance so people have a place to wipe their feet and leave their shoes.

You could also create a dedicated bin for wet shoes, either inside or outside your RV. This won’t help them stay dry necessarily, but it will contain the mess and smell in a single location. You could also create a DIY shoe-washing station.

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