RV TV Mount Installation Ideas and Resources

rv-tv-1After several recent requests for information on how to install a new LCD or LED TV inside an RV it was decided that a consolidation of ideas and options would be put together to aid those embarking on this do it yourself project. We have compiled some of the common installation techniques used for various RV TV Mounts. This is the type of project where you can get extremely creative and certainly there are other ways to accomplish each of these tasks. This guide should serve as bank of ideas to get you familiar with strategies used when taking on this kind of project and perhaps point you in the right direction for getting the most use out of your new TV purchase.

The trouble with a TV inside a RV is that it could be mounted in any area as each manufacturer has their own location, size and weight of television specifications. This means that in nearly every case this type of project will be custom from top to bottom.

General Guidelines for Installing a TV in a RV

  1. Choose your RV TV Mount (We have a guide available here)
  2. Remove Old TV (impressed yet?)
  3. Remove any unnecessary mounting equipment from the older tube TV
  4. Using the pictures below get an idea of how you want to connect your RV TV Mount
  5. Fabricate (if necessary) an area to secure the RV TV Mount to (typically from 3/4″ plywood). Its always a good idea to do this even if you think the area is rigid enough to secure a TV to. The weight of the TV and the movement of your RV will take its toll on the area where the mount is secured.
  6. Whatever type of fastener you decide to use to secure the RV TV Mount, go a little heavier in toughness just in case. (Preference is Carriage Bolts with a washer and nut).
  7. If using an Articulating Mount be sure to test the length of all your cables or buy extension if necessary.
  8. If using any mount besides the Wall/ Tilt mounts you will need to find a way to secure the mount while in transit(Velcro or straps are a common choice).

RV TV MOUNT TIP: If you have specific questions about installing your TV please post a comment at the bottom of the page or submit a question in our forums under “Ask Danny D”. He is our resident contractor and can assist you based on your particular situation.

Ideas and Pictures for RV TV Mount Installation

1. Fixed or Tilted Wall Mount  on Plywood Surface

In Dash

This method typically requires a hinged piece of plywood and some woodworking skills. Most tend to go with the hinged method to retain access to the cabling and cabinet behind the TV. This method uses a Fixed Wall or Tilted Wall Mount.  Great for storing items now that the big tube TV went the way of the dodo. Be sure to install some type of cabinet door locking system so it doesn’t shift during transit.

In Dash Wall Mount In Dash Wall Mount 2


This method is much like the dash installation as it uses plywood and hinges to accomplish the same task only overhead. Like the dash it offers access to the cabinet behind. Be sure to install some type of cabinet door locking system so it doesn’t shift during transit.

Cabinet Door install RV TV MOUNT Cabinet Door Mount 2 RV TV MOUNT

2.  Mount with Arm

In Dash (Plywood Fabrication Required)

This option uses the same idea from the dash installation with plywood only this time the use of an Articulating Arm Mount is used and a permanent non hinged piece of plywood installed. You still get the access to the cabinet (not as much room) and the mount is permanently fastened to the dash.

Articulating Mount In Dash RV TV MOUNT

On Cabinet

This method is very popular as its the most simple to install and there are typically many areas of an RV in which to secure the mount. The downside is usually it doesn’t come out as pleasing to the eyes as many cables and wires show. This method can be made more rigid through the use of plywood on the other side of the mount surface to add rigidity to the cabinet.

Articulating Mount Side of Cabinet RV TV MountArticulating ARM Connected to Cabinet

Wall Surface

This option is not common as many people are unwilling to make holes in the side of their RV, which is understandable. If your walls are rigid enough and you can find a stud in the right place it may be a perfectly acceptable way to mount your TV.

Wall Surface Mounting

Wall Surface with Plywood

This is the preferred method when connecting to a wall or cabinet. either put a plywood cutout on the outside or inside(if possible) of the mounting surface to add rigidity to the mounting surface.

Articulating Mount Plywood