Travel Trailer Remodel: 1985 Fleetwood Resort

This travel trailer remodel is not so different from the others we have showcased  here at DoItYourselfRV, but this particular travel trailer remodel started with a very rough looking “canvas” before the painter took the brush to it. This travel trailer remodel started with a 1985 Fleetwood Resort 28’ travel trailer. To say this RV had fell into disrepair is a total understatement. You name it, this travel trailer had it. It had water damage, rotted wood, walls loose from the chassis, etc. The couple that personally started and completed this travel trailer renovation was very pleased to get their new RV for $500, but after getting a look at some of the damage during the demolition it seems that $200 may have been a more reasonable offer. The new owners reported 1 big bonus; two free rolls of toilet paper were included with the sale!

Travel Trailer Remodel: 1985 Fleetwood Resort BEFORE:


After looking over the “before” photos you may start to understand why the new owners decided that the best starting point for this travel trailer remodel was to remove basically everything right down to the studs. The kitchen, flooring, walls, insulation, beds, cabinets, and even the micro bathtub (16”x23”) was removed. Luckily there were no traces of issues with bugs.

Travel Trailer Remodel: 1985 Fleetwood Resort DURING:


They then began to rebuild the infrastructure of their transforming travel trailer. They reinforced tire wells, walls, rebuilt the kitchen cabinets, dinette, and many other parts of the RV. The exterior of the travel trailer didn’t receive the overhaul the interior had due to the exterior overall being in much better condition. There were some minor fixes with paint and some rot at the bottom that was repaired. When it was all said and done the couple had spent over 4 months completing this travel trailer remodel. The cost is unclear but as you can see, much of the cost was curbed by “sweat equity”.

Travel Trailer Remodel: 1985 Fleetwood Resort AFTER:


The pictures speak louder then words ever could. This is one incredible travel trailer remodel that took some serious patience and determination. Have you ever thought about doing something like this? Perhaps already have? We would love to hear more in the comments section below!

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