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Get The Most Out Of Your Space: Efficient RV Clothing Storage Techniques

RV clothing storage in a closet

RV Clothing Storage: Tips & Tricks To Save Space

RV clothing storage can pose a challenge. While some rigs are well-equipped with ample drawers and closet space, many fall short. However, with some clever solutions, you can optimize and even expand your RV clothing storage. If you’re seeking ways to store clothes in your motorhome or trailer, you’re in the right place. Below are our top recommendations.

Stack bins to use vertical space

In some RVs, notably travel trailers, the primary clothing storage area may be limited to tall, skinny bedside cabinets. While there’s often a rod for hanging clothes, it might not be the best use of the space. Instead, consider measuring your cabinets and using stackable bins. This method allows you to utilize every inch, keeping your clothes organized until you need them. If you’re fortunate, you might find suitable plastic drawers. If you’re handy, you might even build custom drawers to maximize this space.

Hang a sweater organizer in the closet

If you have ample closet space but lack drawers, consider hanging a sweater organizer. It can be a versatile storage solution for smaller items or things you wouldn’t typically hang.

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Install drawers under the bed

Many RV beds offer generous storage space underneath. Accessing this space can be a challenge, especially with a heavier mattress. A solution is to install cabinet doors or drawers under the bed, making it one of the best ways to enhance RV clothing storage. For a visual guide, check out this video:

Hang hooks wherever you can

Command Hooks are incredibly versatile and should have a place in every RV. You can attach them to walls without damage, making them perfect for hanging items like jackets, robes, scarves, and hats. They’re ideal for items you use frequently and don’t want to fold and stow away after every use.

Use vacuum bags for out-of-season clothes

For full-time RVers, space is precious. To save on space, store out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags. By removing the air, you can compress these clothes and place them in storage bays or other out-of-the-way areas, accessing them when needed.

Employ the back of your bedroom door

The back of your bedroom door, if you have one, is an often overlooked storage area. Use over-the-door hooks, shoe organizers, or the previously mentioned Command Hooks. It’s valuable real estate, so make the most of it!

Build a bed step

For those with high RV beds, consider adding a bed step. Not only does it aid in accessing the bed, but a hollow step can also double as storage. Here’s a video to guide you:

Snag some TRONES bins

TRONES bins from IKEA are unique, shallow bins that can be wall-mounted. They’re versatile, allowing you to capitalize on any available wall space, making them perfect for shoes or clothing.

Roll outfits together

Lastly, consider rolling instead of folding clothes when space is tight. This method can reduce wrinkles and free up space. For added convenience, roll entire outfits together, so you can easily grab and go.

With these strategies, you can make the most of your RV’s clothing storage, allowing you to focus on making memories and embarking on new adventures.

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