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How To Make A Backyard Fire Pit For Under $140

It’s unfortunate, but few people get to go camping whenever they feel like it. What about those times when you want to enjoy the outdoors, but don’t have the flexibility in the schedule to take a few days or weeks at a time?

Making a backyard fire pit provides a quick option to start up a roaring fire with minimal effort.

Fire pits safely contain the fire, and make clean up simple – there’s no more ashes blowing around in the wind or coals scattered across the yard.

Here’s how two brothers made their backyard fire pit on the cheap.

3-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ x 7″ Crestone beveled blocks form the foundation of this permanent fire pit.

Crestone blocks
whysocereus / Reddit

Here they’re placed around a central fire ring.

Blocks around fire ring
whysocereus / Reddit

Another layer of blocks sit off-set over the base.

Second layer of blocks
whysocereus / Reddit

On goes a third layer.

Third layer
whysocereus / Reddit

They used a bit of caulk to keep the third layer of blocks in place before dropping in the fire ring.

The fire ring sits over the lip of the top layer of blocks.

Fire ring over lip of stones
whysocereus / Reddit

Stone pebbles make the transition from fire pit to grassy yard.

Stone pebbles around fire pit
whysocereus / Reddit

S’mores time!

Completed fire pit
whysocereus / Reddit

After a few hours of work, voila!

Fire pit at night
whysocereus / Reddit

Source: Reddit

Materials needed:

  • Steel fire ring
  • Crestone retaining wall blocks (or your preference)
  • Some small gravel (Pea Pebbles) for the surrounding area
  • Caulk to help in placing the blocks for final fit
  • Hammer for knocking off lips of the blocks for tight placement

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