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Unexpected Aluminum Foil Uses For RV Camping

aluminum foil on table - feature image for aluminum foil uses
Aluminum foil is a versatile item to keep in the RV. Photo: Shutterstock

Creative Ways To Use Aluminum Foil While Camping

Aluminum foil is a miracle product for RVing and camping. It is lightweight, reflective, able to take heat, and easily malleable. You may use it for some everyday things around your RV, but here are some aluminum foil uses you may have not thought of or tried yet.

Aluminum foil as a lid

You might cover cans or dishes to put them in the refrigerator, but you can also use it on the stove. Just lay a sheet across the top of a pot to hold in moisture, instead of carrying heavy lids in your RV. If you need it to vent a little, just punch holes in the top and you have a vented lid.

Aluminum foil as a protective layer

Use sheets of aluminum foil between your pots and pans and dishes. It is lightweight and will keep them from scratching and rubbing against each other while you travel. 

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Also use aluminum foil in the bottom of your baking dishes and on top of grills so you don’t have clean up. You can also line your cabinets and drawers with it. Foil is easy to clean up and can reflect light when you open cabinets so you can see in the dark corners.

Turn your sink into a bucket

Thick, wide width aluminum foil can be placed in your sink. You can turn it into an extra bowl or bucket to hold ice and put cold drinks in or place items that need to be kept cold, like potato salad. Put another layer of foil over the sink to hold in the cold.

Conceal it with foil

You can also wrap aluminum foil over everyday items you don’t want disturbed. For example, cover kitchen items before you set off bug bombs.

Scrub grills, pots, and pans

Roll aluminum foil into a tight ball. You can use this ball to scrub grills, pots, pans, and dishes. It will also safely remove debris from windows. And it is great for cleaning cast iron skillets you are cooking with on the fire pits too.

Create a funnel

Spices, liquids, and fuels sometimes need to move from one container to the next. Without taking up space with unwieldy funnels, just use a makeshift one when you need it. You can use this for piping icings or other decorative items.

Sharpen blades

Cut aluminum foil with scissors to make them sharper. Or run your knife blade across crumpled foil for temporary sharpening help.

Keep food hot

Place foil under pizza tins to help them cook evenly. Also put foil under dishes and pans to help keep them warm in the oven without continuing to run your propane.

Get creative and make your own Jiffy Pop
Get creative and make your own Jiffy Pop! There are lots of aluminum foil uses for campfire cooking.

Make your own pot

Cover the ends of a forked branch with foil. Then drape foil over the fork, sealing each end of the foil to each side of the fork. 

Put your food on the foil and fry or bake it over the fire pit or grill. Or mold your own drip pan with a cooking sheet and then just put your foil mold under your BBQ. You can just toss it when you are done or use the drippings to baste meat on the grill.

Improve lighting

Is your flashlight or remote control not working without you shaking it? Try putting a piece of folded foil thick enough to keep the battery from moving between the pad and the spring. You can also tape a sheet of aluminum foil behind lighting so it reflects more light.

Keep it dry with foil

Place foil under sleeping bags to keep them from absorbing dampness from the ground. It can also reflect heat back into your sleeping bag if you need to stay warmer. Also keep your matches or lighters wrapped in foil to keep out moisture.

Don’t forget to utilize aluminum foil tape. You can take all your aluminum foil projects to the next level! So don’t foil up your next camping trip…unless it’s with aluminum foil.

Mike In The Woods shares some great aluminum foil uses for camping.

Find more aluminum foil uses for camping

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