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15 RV Supplies We Can’t Live Without During The Summer

This post was updated on April 23rd, 2024

RV supplies

15 RV Supplies We Can’t Live Without During The Summer

Being prepared with the right RV supplies is the key to staying comfortable while camping, especially during the hot summer months. These are some of the useful items we recommend keeping on hand this season.

1. A reflective window cover 

If you park in the sun, you’ll want to put up some reflective window covers to keep the light from shining in. This will help keep the interior cooler and allow you to run the A/C less often. In addition, they’ll protect your interior fabrics from fading and looking dull due to the UV exposure.

Camco offers reflective window covers in various sizes on Amazon here. You can also find window covers specifically designed for the windshield or RV entry window.

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2. Awning shade 

An awning shade can provide a nice additional layer of sun protection at your campsite. This awning screen is made to go on the front of your RV, but for full coverage, you can also set up their Side Shades. The mesh screens block out about 86% of UV rays and will also help shield you from crosswinds.

Get extra shade at your campsite.

3. Pet safety monitor

A tragic and unfortunately common problem during the summer is animals or kids get left alone in a hot car and fatally overheat. If you travel with your pets and leave them in the RV from time to time, be sure you have a pet safety monitor installed that will alert your phone if the temperature gets too high.

This remote pet monitor works with Verizon even without a WiFi connection and will send email or SMS alerts right to your phone.

Keep your pets comfortable and safe while you’re gone.

4. Portable air conditioner

If your RV doesn’t have the luxury of an A/C, or you just want a second unit for those really hot days, you may want to consider a portable air conditioner. Models like the NewAir AC-10100E cool interior spaces up to 325 square feet and feature a built-in air filter and 12-hour timer.

Road Gear Reviews shares an in-depth look at this portable air conditioner in their video below.

“We have been using the NewAir 10100E Portable Air Conditioner to supplement the RV air conditioner in our 36 foot 5th wheel, and we love it!”

5. A soft starter for your RV AC

Many campgrounds and RV parks only offer 30-amp power. If you have two air conditioning units, you’ll only be able to run one A/C on 30 amps due to the huge spike of power required to start it.

According to SoftStartRV, their innovative soft starter reduces startup power demand up to an amazing 70% and solves those startup problems. Check out our article here on the DIY installation of these units.

Use the SoftStartRV to run two A/Cs on 30 amps

6. Portable gas grill

Using the stove or oven inside your RV on a hot summer day will heat up the space even more. Take your cooking outside this season with a portable gas grill, a BBQ, or even just by roasting food over the campfire. Read our previous article on the best portable grills for RV camping.

Take your cooking outside with a portable grill.

7. Folding camping chair

Who wants to sit inside a hot, stuffy RV on a beautiful summer day? Have a quality folding camping chair on hand so you can enjoy the fresh air and views from your campsite. We put together a great list here of the best camping chairs to relax in the outdoors.

Have a cozy camping chair you can relax in this summer.

8. Folding outdoor table

A folding table is often handy because it’s always nice to have extra space to set things down. They prove to be even more useful when you’re cooking outside and need additional space for meal prep.

Need extra space to set things down? Bring out the portable table.

9. Quality outdoor cooler

A quality outdoor cooler, like the YETI line, will keep your food and drinks cold whether you’re sitting around the campsite, having a picnic at the park, or kicking back with drinks at the beach. We reviewed our top picks in this RV LIFE article.

Keep your food and drinks cold.

10. Portable ice maker 

Portable ice makers are another must-have for chilling drinks. The convenience of not having to stop at the store for ice bags, or refill the ice cube trays and wait hours for them to freeze, makes them worth carrying during the hot summer months. Camper Report shared a great review of the top portable ice makers in this article.

A portable ice maker is one of the most convenient RV supplies during the summer.

11. RV water filter

Staying hydrated is essential during the extreme summer heat. Install a good water filter so you can always have clean, fresh water on board no matter where you’re camping. Camper Report explains why the Clear2O® is the best option for RVers.

Drink clean, filtered water wherever you camp.

12. A large beach/picnic blanket

A lightweight, foldable blanket is nice to have for beach trips. They provide a comfortable space to sit down and relax for a while, and keep you from getting covered in sand, which easily gets tracked back in the RV.

Bring a large blanket for beach trips.

13. Cool bedding sheets

Bedding can make the difference between sleeping cool and comfortable or having hot and sweaty miserable nights. Swap out your bedding for sheets made of cooler fabrics like cotton or linen, which are both made from natural fibers and breathe well.

One of the most important RV supplies for the summer: cool and comfortable bed sheets.

14. Portable fire pit

With a portable fire pit, you can set up a campfire almost anywhere. Their elevated base allows for better airflow and produces less smoke than traditional campfires. This popup fire pit is lightweight, easy to set up, and accepted on most BLM and National Forest lands (though local restrictions and burn bans may apply).

15. Dehumidifier 

When it is both hot and humid, a dehumidifier will make the climate in your RV a little more bearable. This small portable dehumidifier removes moisture from the air in spaces up to 150 square feet.

These aren’t the only RV supplies you’ll want on hand this summer. Read our previous article here on what RV supplies you’ll need for boondocking this season.