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Add A Bigfoot RV Leveling System To Your Travel Trailer Or Fifth Wheel

Add A Bigfoot RV Leveling System To Your Travel Trailer Or Fifth Wheel

Make leveling your fifth wheel or travel trailer a breeze with a Bigfoot RV leveling system. No more cranking up an uneven RV. With the Bigfoot system, it’s as easy as the push of a button!

Why leveling your RV is important

Very rarely do you pull into an RV site, unhook, and everything is level. This would be ideal, but it just doesn’t happen.

Having a level RV is important for stabilization and the proper function of certain items such as your fridge, and to allow doors to open and close freely.

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We have all witnessed the camper (or been the camper) moving from corner to corner, side to side, trying to level their RV. Hauling around blocks of wood, leveling ramps, and anything else you can use to get it right.

A Bigfoot RV leveling system will eliminate all the work and time spent setting up when you arrive at your location.

Dear Bigfoot peeps,

     You guys have hit the ball out of the park.  Plus, the installation Roy Trevino in Lakeland did, is wonderful.  I have just started a long six-day journey to Colorado to stay for the summer.  I pulled into the campground, hit the button and it’s perfect.  Thank you so very very much!

Barry N.

What is the Bigfoot RV Leveling System?

Bigfoot is a product produced in the U.S.A; Michigan to be exact, by Quadra Manufacturing. Established in 1988, Quadra Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated company. They produce hydraulic landing gear and leveling systems for a variety of industries including commercial and heavy industrial equipment applications.

Their quality standards and proven hydraulic systems in commercial applications are also available for the RV world with the Bigfoot system.

The Bigfoot RV leveling systems are hydraulic jacks for leveling and stabilizing your travel trailer or fifth wheel. All systems are controlled with the push of a button and available remote control operation.

For fifth wheels, front landing gear or rear jacks are available separately or together. If you have worn out electric landing gear or manual gear, you can upgrade to the Bigfoot hydraulic system. Just want to replace the rear scissor jacks? You have the option of purchasing rear jacks only.

Travel trailer owners have the option of a four-point leveling system that can be adjusted in pairs or individually for the perfect level RV. There is also an auto-leveling system available for ultimate ease.

Single hydraulic tongue jacks are also an option to complete a full upgrade of your travel trailer leveling and stabilization.

Travel Trailer Systems

Get complete automatic leveling control at the press of a button. Features include a manual mode to run cylinders individually, one-touch retract, and an all-up mode that pulls all cylinders up once mounted to your hitch for a quick pullout.

Unlike standard electric or crank jacks that are not designed to take the weight, Bigfoot systems actually lift and support your RV, not just make contact with the ground.

Plus, all cylinders come with a lifetime warranty!

Included with the travel trailer systems:

  • 8000-lb to 12000-lb double-acting hydraulic cylinders (Power up/power down)
  • 7″ inch pivoting footpads
  • Marine-grade power unit
  • Mounting brackets (Weld or bolt-on)
  • Generic hydraulic lines
  • Hardware

Fifth Wheel Systems

If you are fortunate enough to already have a Bigfoot RV leveling system on your fifth wheel, you can add even more support by installing two more jacks in the middle of your fifth wheel with the 6-point conversion kit.

Front landing gear kits are available to replace your current jacks with fast operating, strong hydraulic units. Kits include a weatherproof control panel for operation right at the front of your RV.

If you are happy with your current front landing gear and would like to just replace the rear scissor jacks, Bigfoot has you covered with rear jacks that include easy side-to-side adjustment and full weight carrying support.

Included with the fifth wheel systems:

  • 10″ footpads
  • Weatherproof control box
  •  All necessary hardware for a complete installation
  • Marine-grade power unit


Installation of a Bigfoot RV leveling system includes connecting hydraulic lines and in some applications, welding of brackets. For these reasons, most RVers will likely choose to have the systems installed by professionals.

If you are competent in performing the installation yourself, the systems do come with installation instructions, and Qudra Manufacturing has support available.

To learn more about Bigfoot RV leveling systems, visit their website at

For those RVers who are on the move from site to site, the leveling process can become back-breaking. Upgrading to hydraulic jacks not only makes the job faster and easier, but also gives your RV the proper support it needs.

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