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Product Review: Wash Your RV With Bugs Off Pads

This post was updated on April 18th, 2024

Bugs Off Pads Easy Reach Kit Stock Photo

Product Review: Wash Your RV With Bugs Off Pads

Keeping your RV washed and waxed makes it look nice and can help prevent it from looking its age as it gets older. Unfortunately, it seems like whether you travel 20 miles or 200, the front of your RV gets covered in bug guts making it challenging to wash your RV. So my wife Natalie and I were thrilled when Don Meyns, president of Awesome Products Corp., contacted us to review his Bugs Off® Pads.

What are Bugs Off Pads?

As the name implies, the pads are used to clean bugs, dirt, grime, minor road tar, bird droppings, etc., off cars and RVs. They are intended to be abrasive enough to wash your vehicle easily, yet they won’t harm paint, decals, plastic, and other surfaces.

The company offers a variety of pads and cleaning kits. We received the Bugs Off® Easy Reach Kit, which comes with a 3-pack of Bugs Off pads, a flat holder for the Bug Off Pad that can be attached to a threaded pole, and a storage bag.

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Product claims

This site makes several claims about the product that my wife and I wanted to test before giving our stamp of approval.

  • The company claims, “Our Bugs Off Pads are meant to wash your entire vehicle using only car wash soap & water” and that they easily remove the toughest bugs and other grime.
  • Numerous testimonials on their site say that the product not only works but it cuts the RV washing time down dramatically.
  • In an email, the company said, “They would work great on shower scum, cleaning cabinets, refrigerator doors and inside the fridge, windows on the RV, whether glass or plastic, etc.”

So, in a nutshell, these pads supposedly clean better, faster, and easier than other products, and no special cleaners are needed.

See it in action

You can see a video of our tests and conclusions about the Bugs Off Pads below, or read on to see the test results and our final thoughts on the product.

The test

To test the product’s claims, I let the bugs accumulate on the front of my motorhome for about a month of travel.

Next, I cleaned two sections of the front of my RV–one with a regular microfiber cleaning cloth and the other with a Bugs Off Pad–to see which one worked better. I then took a pad inside the rig and tried it out on some difficult-to-clean spots that we had previously been unsuccessful in cleaning with other methods.

A “before and after” photo showing the Bugs Off® Pads removed all of the bugs from an RV.
A “before and after” photo showing the bugs removed from my RV using the Bugs Off Pad.

Are Bugs Off Pads better to wash your RV?

Just soap and water?

This claim is accurate. The Bugs Off Pad removed month-old bug splatter and other travel grime quickly and easily. When comparing it to the microfiber cloth, it was like night and day. I had to practically press to the point that my arm was tiring out and getting sore with the cloth, and it probably only removed 50% of the bugs that the pad took off with half the pressure.

I did have to press a little bit with the pad to get some stubborn bugs off. However, the result was almost 100% bug removal. It was definitely quicker and easier with the pad, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to put a little elbow grease into month-old, baked-on bug guts.

Cuts down washing time?

This is true as well. It was not only easier but faster in cleaning the front and worst part of the RV. Once I started washing areas with fewer bug splatters, I was able to breeze through in less time than when using the cloth.

The pad is a nice size, too. When attached to the flat holder and a pole, it’s large enough to work quickly but small enough to get into corners and around things that might be in the way.

Do they work inside the RV too?

This one worked better than I thought it would. We had an area above our front door with a mold stain. Previously we tried cleaners and scrubbers to remove the stain after killing the mold, but nothing seemed to work. So again, it took a little elbow grease, but I cleaned the stain off the wall without hurting the paint using a regular multi-purpose cleaner spray and the pad.

Next, I tackled a dark spot on the bottom of our sink that we could not remove, even using bleach. The Bugs Off Pad took it right off. It worked well on our cabinet doors, inside the refrigerator, and our microwave.

A great product to wash your RV

If you are looking for a product that will get the tough bugs and road grime off your rig without fancy cleaning chemicals or scratching anything, the Bugs Off® Easy Reach Kit gets 5 out of 5 stars from us. We will be using this product for many cleaning purposes from now on. 

We tried to think of how the company could improve this product, but we couldn’t, except for adding a telescoping pole to the kit for the flat holder. That way customers don’t have to buy one separately.

The pad itself, though, not only works to wash your RV as advertised, but it is also great for cleaning many other things as well. You can use each pad multiple times as long as you rinse it out between uses, and they are reasonably priced. A three-pack from currently goes for $16.98 + $3.79 shipping.

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