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Useful Products For Waxing Your RV

Just like your car, your RV can start to look a little dull on the outside when not given the proper care and attention. That’s where waxing comes in!

Waxing your RV is a sure way to keep it looking clean and shiny as well as protect it from the damaging effects of UV light. You’ll need a few products for a good wax, including your waxing product and items to clean with, and not all are created equal! Read on for our recommendations of the best waxing products on the market.

Keep your RV looking good as new. Photo by Larry & Teddy Page, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


Before waxing your RV, it’s important to thoroughly clean your RV. Here are some of the highest-rated cleaning products to make the job easier.

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Soft-bristled brush

You’ll want a nice soft-bristled brush to ensure that you don’t damage your RV as you scrub it down. An extension pole is nice for reaching high spots.

This brush from Garage Monkey is customer-recommended on Amazon and has an extra-long, fully adjustable telescoping pole that reaches 50”-112”. The 10” wide head gives great control over the cleaning process and a simple on/off switch on the brush helps with improved water flow control.

Rubber roof cleaner

Rubber Roof Cleaner is just what the name implies; a cleaner for the rubber roof of your RV. This cleaner and degreaser can also be used for any heavily soiled areas or stubborn stains while remaining gentle enough to not hurt the exterior of your RV.

Any rubber areas on your RV will benefit from Rubber Roof Cleaner to keep them looking new and protect those areas from sun. Try using ProtectAll’s Rubber Roof Cleaner specifically designed for RVs; their ProtectAll Rubber Roof Treatment is an optional follow-up that will help protect your RV roof from the elements, reduce chalking and make future cleaning easier.  

Gentle soap

For washing the majority of your RV, you’ll want to use a gentle soap that won’t be harsh on your exterior paint. There are products out there that wash and wax all in the same go, but for a really fine-tuned job, it’s good to separately wash and wax your RV. This gentle 1-gallon wash product is perfect for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, is cheap, and also biodegradable.  


Lastly, you’ll want a bucket to fill with water for both the cleaning and waxing. Consider a collapsible bucket so that you can store it in the RV without taking up too much room. 

vintage RV
Make sure you have the right tools to wash and wax. Photo by voyagevixen2, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


Now that you’re done washing your RV, it’s time for waxing. Waxing your RV is a much bigger undertaking than waxing a car, so make sure to use the right products and give the task the time and care it requires.

The only things needed for this part are wax, a large sponge for applying (if you’ve chosen the kind of wax that is not spray-on), and soft cloths or an electric buffer for application and buffering. 


A large sponge like this is cheap and reusable; it is machine washable and reduces waste since it can be used hundreds of times. The microfiber sponge works great for applying wax treatments and buffing for a shiny, flawless finish.


Not all waxes are created equal. First, there are different types of wax based on application type such as spray-on or paste wax.

There are also waxes for different materials your RV is made of, such as aluminum versus fiberglass, for instance.

Meguiar makes a great non-abrasive cleaner wax that polishes your RV and protects it from salt air, corrosion, and the sun’s UV rays. Another good option is Butter Wet Wax by Chemical Guys.  The carnauba-based wax got its name “Butter Wet Wax” because it can easily be applied and wiped off as easy as butter.   It makes the colors on your vehicle pop out and also helps with water spots, bird droppings, and road tar.

Some brands like Turtle Wax also offer a wax in convenient spray bottles.  It takes less effort and time to apply, but still delivers a streak-free shine and UV protection.

Some other great brands include Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax, CorrosionX RejeX, Protect All, and Nu Finish.

Cloths or electric buffer

Once your wax has been applied, it’s time for buffering. It’s up to you whether you use cloths or an electric buffer; some RV exteriors are too fragile to take electric buffering.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are a great option; they’re cheap, reusable, come with many in a pack, and can even be used inside the RV for cleaning as well.

An electric buffer is going to cost more but will make the job certainly go quicker and easier. Try this $30 Black + Decker polisher/waxer for an inexpensive option. 

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