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10 Must-Haves For Camping In Hot Weather

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

RV camping in hot weather with awning out

RV Camping In Hot Weather: Don’t Forget These 10 Essential Items

Summer is well underway, and many people are already out enjoying memorable camping trips in their RV. This season brings hot weather though, and sometimes it can get sweltering inside your vehicle. There are a few must-haves for camping in hot weather that will help you stay cool and enjoy your trip.

Sometimes RVs don’t have the best insulation, so you need to use some hacks and special products to cool down. This is a common problem, so there are lot of options you can choose from. Below we’ll explore 10 useful items for RV camping in hot weather. These items will improve your experience and prevent you from overheating. Let’s get started!

1. Collapsible shade pavilion

Shade is one of the most valuable resources when it’s hot outside. Although most RVs come with awnings, sometimes they aren’t big enough to cover all the areas you need. Depending on the position of the sun, they also might not offer much protection.

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A collapsible shade pavilion is a great way to keep your campsite cool. You can enjoy some fresh air but stay out of the sun. Some even come with mesh sides so you can keep bugs out. A good option for RVers is the CLAM Quick-Set Pavilion.

2. Reflective window covers

The interior of your RV can quickly heat up if too much sun gets inside. This is why reflective window covers are great to have on hand when you’re camping in hot weather. If you can reflect the sun’s heat before it reaches the interior, you can stay much cooler. 

Some RVs come with window shades, but these aren’t usually the reflective kind. You can bounce back more heat if you use a metallic shade. You may need to buy several covers to protect all your windows and doors, but the Dumble RV Door Window Shade is a great place to start. 

3. Electric fan

Running your RV A/C all the time can drain your power. It’s great to have this system as an option, but it’s best to have some backups to keep the air cool and circulating. Electric fans are perfect for this purpose. Some fans can run on battery power, while others need to be plugged in. Regardless of the type you choose, fans can take some strain off your A/C and keep everyone cool. 

You may need multiple fans (depending on the size of your RV), but the Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan is a nice option. It’s a top pick from Amazon users and can even provide some nice white noise.

4. Outdoor grill

Cooking inside your RV is one of the fastest ways to raise the temperature. Stoves and ovens are fantastic for food preparation, but they can quickly make you sweaty and miserable. If you cook outside, you can disperse the heat and keep the inside of your RV cooler. 

As such, an outdoor grill is among the must-haves for RVing. Besides, if you’re out in nature, it’s nice to get some fresh air while you cook. The Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is perfect for campers who want to take their cooking prowess outside. 

5. Skylight blocker

Reflective window covers are fairly easy to come by, but you shouldn’t forget about your skylights! These might be located in the bathroom or bedroom. Sunlight can easily break through these skylights at any time of day and drastically raise the temperature. 

The Safoner RV Vent Insulator and Skylight Cover is a padded cover with a reflective surface. It can also double as a vent cover. When you use this skylight cover, it will improve your RV insulation. Cold things will stay cold and hot things will stay hot. It’s ideal for summer and winter camping!

6. Cooler

RV refrigerators are wonderful and convenient options for storing food. However sometimes they may need to be turned off to conserve fuel/battery power. In this case, it’s important to have a good cooler on-hand. Make sure you also have some reusable ice packs that will keep the temperature steady and protect the food within. 

The Coleman Portable Rolling Cooler has proven itself to be reliable in the eyes of many customers. In some cases, it can stay cool for up to five days. Due to its portable nature, you can also take it on trips away from the RV. It’s adaptable, reliable, and perfect for keeping your food and drinks chilled. 

7. Blinds/curtains

Let’s talk about windows one more time. While window covers help a ton, you can take things to the next level by installing some insulating blinds or curtains. Any layer of separation from the sunlight will improve your RV’s insulation. If there are any gaps or cracks in your window covers, some curtains can cover it up.

Blackout curtains can also help you sleep better because they create a nice dark room. There are lots of styles and shades you can choose from, but these BGment Blackout Curtains have proven to be effective. 

8. Insulated water bottle

Hydration is extremely important at all times, but especially when it’s hot outside. A good water bottle is essential for camping in hot weather. There are lots of great insulated options that will stay cold for hours or even days! If you keep some ice in there, it won’t melt for a long period of time. 

The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is popular with customers. There are lots of different colors to choose from, and it can hold 40 oz at a time. If you want to use it for hot beverages, this water bottle will also keep them warm! Multipurpose items are always great to have on hand. 

9. LED bulbs

Even the lights in your RV can heat it up over time. Sometimes the default lights generate heat. This isn’t usually a big deal, but if you’re looking for ways to stay cool, you may want to switch to LED lights. You can use light strips or replace the bulbs in your vehicle. 

If you want to replace the light bulbs, try these Soft White 10,000 Hour Lifetime LED bulbs. If colorful LED strips are more your style, check out DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights.

10. Evaporative cooler

Electric fans are great to keep around, but sometimes it just feels like they’re moving air around rather than cooling it down. If this is the case, try an evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler)! These evaporate a stockpile of water and produce cool air. They’re effective at cooling down small spaces, so they’re perfect for RVs. 

The VAGKRI Evaporative Cooler can be used to cool areas of up to 700 square feet. That’s more than enough for an RV, so you can guarantee that you won’t overheat when you use this product. 

As you incorporate these summer essentials into your life, you’ll notice a distinct difference! RVs might not have the best insulation, but you can keep the heat out by using the tips and products listed above. 

Stay cool while camping in hot weather.

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