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This Class C RV Was Renovated With A Built-In Music Studio

This Class C RV Was Renovated With A Built-In Music Studio

After living in L.A. for over 15 years, Chris and Christi of Kreative Freedom were inspired to downsize and hit the road full-time. “Right away, we were on board and excited in a whole new way,” They shared on their blog. “We started dreaming, getting inspired by channels and checking out RVs – specifically large fifth wheels (all of which were nicer than our L.A. apartment).”

However, their RV story didn’t start then and there. The dream was delayed after they scored a two-bedroom rental house in L.A. with a private backyard and garage they turned into a music studio. But still, the desire for a nomadic lifestyle was always there.

Moving into their newly renovated Class C RV. All photos courtesy of Kreative Freedom

After long consideration, they finally decided to take the leap into the full-time RV lifestyle. As they describe, “We decided to minimize our lives and cash in our most valuable form of currency – TIME!”

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The couple started the painstaking process of downsizing and going through every item they owned. Some things were sold, but most were just donated.

“It was very eye opening to realize how much one does drag around with them that they don’t need; not to mention how much waste that produces.  What a life cleanse.”

The Class C RV renovation

Although they originally dreamed of a fifth wheel, once they started shopping around, they found the perfect RV was a 26-foot Class C RV that just needed a little TLC and personalization.

“We ripped out the carpet, the couch, the water damage in the overhead cab bedroom, repainted, changed the backsplashes, put down new flooring and built a custom mobile music studio,” They explain. “We finished the RV remodel over one summer, being approximately two months of actual work.  It was hard work, but that was just fine.  It was also a blast and nothing compared to remodeling a conventional home.”

Their RV music studio

When it came to downsizing for RV life, their music equipment was no exception.

“The results were the same as they were from stripping down to only what we used and needed in the rest of our lives.  It was freeing and completely non-inhibiting.  By shedding the mass amount of outboard gear (as just a couple of pieces of gear replaced it all), it was perfectly sufficient and we made no sacrifices in the end.”

Class C RV music studio
A studio with a view

As of 2020, their studio is equipped with:

The couple has since taken their renovated Class C RV all over the West, from L.A. to Montana, along the Columbia River Gorge, and the beautiful Oregon Coast. You can see all the places they’ve been on their map here.

Watch their video tour

Chris and Christi share a tour of their renovated Class C RV and a full gear breakdown in their video below.

You can also follow their adventures and latest music projects on their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel, and website.

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