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Unusual RV Modifications That You Have To See To Believe

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

RV with unusual RV modifications Source: YouTube

Unique RV Modifications We’ve Never Seen before

We all love our RVs, but let’s face the truth: Sometimes they look a little bit boring! There isn’t a ton of variety when it comes to color schemes and decorations. If you love to express yourself through decor, this might feel restrictive. On the other hand, this uniform design style can be nice because it gives you a blank canvas to work with. Either way, there are plenty of unusual RV modifications you can take inspiration from.

RVs have been around for decades, and many people have taken on the task of turning boring into beautiful. You’ve probably seen inspired RV designs on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. However, some of the most creative and unique designs can be found on YouTube. People want to show off their whole remodeling process, and there are some vehicles that you truly need to see to believe.

Today we’re going to explore some unique RV modifications. Maybe you won’t want to convert your own vehicle in the same way, but it can be fun and inspiring to look at the work that others have done. Who knows? If you transform your own RV into something special, maybe we’ll be writing about you one day!

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Mobile Hot Tub Remodel

Who doesn’t love a good soak after a long day? Some RVs have showers or bathtubs, but a hot tub certainly isn’t standard equipment! Unafraid to break tradition, this couple decided to upgrade their RV by turning their rear porch into a luxurious retreat.

The thumbnail on this video is a bit misleading, but watch to the end of the video to see the real hot tub they set up on the back deck! Even if it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, the inflatable model gets the job done just fine. And with a decorative trim and a few accents, it could very well look like the wood-paneled product you see on screen.

The rest of this remodel is also impressive, with features like a bench with hidden storage, a luxurious fireplace, and a custom kitchen. It’s the perfect setup for a family on the move!

Cozy Cabin on Wheels

Choosing between a log cabin and an RV might be too hard for some people. In this case, why not have both? Plenty of designers use RV modifications to bring a rustic aesthetic to their campers. But the builder in this video takes things a step further by creating a little cabin that he can haul anywhere!

This truck camper is guaranteed to turn heads on the highway, but it’s sturdy enough to travel just about anywhere. The interior is nothing to sneeze at either! This is a completely custom design that was built from the ground up. It includes a rustic wood-burning stove, a jack knife sofa bed, and plenty of decorations that make you feel like you’re in a cozy little cabin.

It’s a small layout, but perfect for a solo traveler who wants to combine a rustic home with a life on the road!

the Hair Salon that comes to you

Although many people use RVs as mobile living spaces, they can also function as a storefront! The base of this RV was originally made in 1975 but it recently received a complete remodel. Now it’s a mobile hair salon that’s open for business!

You might be skeptical about whether a full hair salon could actually fit inside the limited footprint of an RV. But the use of space is quite impressive so it can fit multiple people at once. There are two adjustable chairs that sit side by side. Each has its own mirror and there’s an impressive amount of storage space for hair products and styling equipment. Of course, a full hair washing station is also included.

Other guests can lounge on the L-shaped sofa while they wait. There’s also a nice mix of natural light from the windows and artificial overhead lighting. The entire layout is clean, sleek, and modern. I wouldn’t hesitate to get a haircut in an RV like this!

RV designs for dogs

We all love our furry friends and plenty of RVers travel with pets for protection and companionship. But these vehicles weren’t really designed with pups in mind. In order to create a more pet-friendly living space, many people have made RV modifications that are specially designed for dogs.

This first video features an RV with a large doggy door, a ramp for easier boarding, and a kennel underneath the bed. There’s also a set of steps around the bed so your dog can snuggle up at night. Drivers can keep an eye on their dog with a camera in the kennel, and the dog has a little window so they can see outside during the drive.

This next design was made for a pair of show dogs! These little creatures expect a certain level of pampering, so the RV had to suit their needs.

This motorhome is actually quite small, but the owners created custom benches with kennels underneath. Each one is well-lit and properly ventilated to ensure the dog’s comfort. The wet bath also has a detachable handle that’s perfect for grooming the dogs before a show.

Celebrity Trailer with DJ Equipment

Celebrities have plenty of money for RV modifications, and some designers put this budget to good use! The new TV show Big RV Remix features a motorhome redesign for none other than Shaquille O’Neal. The star needed a vehicle that matched his style and personality, and the hosts delivered something spectacular.

The new design has a retractable opening where Shaq can DJ and act as the life of the party! An impressive speaker system is installed on the outside as well. Custom decals and designs cover the exterior so you’ll always know who owns this impressive RV.

The interior is luxurious as well. The living space is sleek and modern, with vibrant neon lights to add a sci-fi vibe to the layout. The former motorhome design was just fine, but it lacked style and personality. Now it’s one of a kind!

Big RV Remix features plenty of unique RV modifications. If you want to see designs that are fun and unusual, this is the show for you. You can stream it today on Hulu.

Other Exterior Redesign

Most of us don’t have the time or budget to completely transform our RVs. That’s okay because interior tweaks and modifications can get the job done just fine! But there are some people who went above and beyond in the category of unusual RV modifications.

To finish off this list, you should check out this compilation of 15 completely unique RVs! One of them is a redesigned firetruck, while another was made to resemble a boat. Others use pop-up camper extensions, miniature cabin add-ons, and ambulance parts. If you have the money and know-how, anything is possible.

RV modifications can be big or small, but the unique ones always catch our attention. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to designing a camper though, so feel free to get creative and add your own twist.

Please share some of your favorite whacky, classy, and unusual RV builds below! We always love to see people innovating in this space.

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  1. Excellent illustration of human creativity and workmanship, “to boldly go where no man has gone before!” Enjoyed the article, divinely inspiring (the 1st verb in the the Bible is “created”).

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