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Camping At Coachella? 5 Tips For Fun In The Desert

The countdown to Coachella, the music and arts festival held in the Coachella Valley, has begun. The popular event takes place in the middle of April in Indio, California and features dozens of bands from various genres, interactive events, fun and games.

The Coachella festival takes place each year in Indio, California.


While some participants can stay at local hotels, many decide to camp out in the Coachella campground, located on the Empire Polo Club polo grounds. Even in mid-spring this part of the Colorado desert can hit temperatures of 90 to 100+ degrees.

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Having your camping gear and vehicle ready for the event is key to having a good time.

Large RVs or trailers aren’t allowed, but tricked out vans and cars can stay.


Photo by DM/Flickr

1. Bring the Largest Vehicle You Can

Coachella does not allow large RVs or trailers in the campground. But you can bring a van, VW bus or SUV and make it your decorative hangout. Each campsite at the Coachella campground measures 10×30 feet, so there is actually a lot of room to spread out.

Coachella also allows campsite pass holders to cram as many people as will comfortably fit into a vehicle, so it’s a great way to save money at the event.

Create your own shade for the hot desert days and cool nights.


2. Get a Good “Hat” and Good “Boots”

No, not cowboy hats or boots. The “hat” and “boots” are actually for your campsite. Having a shade structure (no branding logos, please) like an EZ-Up with a good pair of stakes and wind walls will give your camp decent shade throughout the day.

You can keep your camp even cooler and less muddy with a good ground cover, like a few outdoor rugs or some drop cloths.

Take advantage of the California sun and bring your own solar camp shower.

Maria Ly / Flickr

3. Bring Your Own Shower

While a campsite pass allows you access to the free shower pods at the campground, bringing your own camp shower is a good way to avoid the lines.

You can also use the shower to cool off your campmates and your campground neighbors.

Coachella vendors serve up really tasty food.

maxxum_sky / Flickr

4. You Won’t Need to Bring as Much Food as You’d Think

Local food vendors are allowed at the event, so food is everywhere. You can save room in your car by bringing your basic food necessities and snacks and splurge on pizzas or vegan dishes from Coachella Valley businesses.

Find your camp easily with decorations, flags and lights.

Photo by DM/Flickr

5. Decorate Your Campsite

As you can see from the photos, the campground begins to look like a blur (especially after a night of dancing).

To find your way back to camp at night, decorate it with string lights, light up lawn decorations, inflatable toys, EL-wire or flags.

If you want real luxury, get a glamping tipi at Lake Eldorado.


Of course, you can really rev up your camping experience and stay at the luxurious Lake Eldorado with 24 hour concierge service, private showers and glamping tipis.

But, what’s the fun in that?

Campground photos by Coachella