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6 Crazy Rigs For Those Who Like To Spread Out

This post was updated on March 19th, 2024

Tons of space is not something most RVs offer.  If you have a large family or even if you just like to spread out during your camping trips, the right rig can be hard to come by. After all, certain dimension laws must be followed and strong motors are needed to pull the extra large options.

Still, there are some pretty amazing large RVs out there. From the huge motorhomes designed by celebrities to the awesome conversions many people have done to solve the small space problem, there are some pretty creative options for overcoming the limitations that tend to keep RVs small.

Here are some of our favorite crazy and creative big RVs.

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1. This insane motorhome mansion

Let’s begin with the biggest of the big: this enormous motorhome owned by Will Smith. As if the incredible length of this thing weren’t enough, it also has two stories—made possible by the pop-up roof—and two enormous slides.

At 1,200 square feet, the living space in this motorhome is larger than a good many houses. It also costs more than most houses. In fact, you can count on paying about $2.5 million for an RV like this.

2. This train-like rig

Another huge motorhome that you might just see driving down the road is this train of camping fun known as the Powerhouse Coach. The living space offered by this rig is about 52 feet in length, and not quite as large as the motorhome above. That said, the ensemble also includes a 38,000-pound trailer for holding all your gear, as well as a boat.

It would be hard to complain about space with a rig like this.

3. This uber-long fifth wheel

Can you believe they manufacture 57-foot-long fifth wheel trailers? Me neither, but it’s true.

This trailer by SpaceCraft is quite possibly the biggest 5th wheel in the world. It includes all kinds of amazing features, can be custom-made to your specifications, and would definitely offer plenty of room to spread out. Of course, you would need a tractor unit to tow the thing, but the company also offers custom tow units to match their trailers.

For those who are serious about their personal space, this might be the ideal RV.

4. This double-decker bus conversion


Looking for something a bit more budget-friendly? Why not try your hand at a DIY project? There are lots of amazing conversions that offer tons of living space. For instance, check out this double-decker bus conversion.

By using a double-decker bus, the owner has two full stories of living space at a fraction of the cost of the RVs listed above. Better yet, DIY projects are always full of amazing personality that you just don’t get in factory-made rigs.

5. This odd “Bendy Bus” conversion

Another conversion project idea is to begin with a bendy bus—you know, the ones with the bend in the middle—as your base. These buses are typically much longer than traditional buses, meaning they’ll give you much more room.  Check out the bedroom space in the video above! You just can’t get that in your average RV.

6. This brilliant Class B + trailer transformer

Image via Craigslist

Maybe you don’t want something quite so big, but also don’t want to be stuck with the small amount of space offered by only one living unit. If this is the case, we have just the setup for you.

The camper van and trailer combo pictured above was seen on Craigslist in Palm Springs. It not only includes two living units, but the units actually join together to create one long home-on-wheels.

This is great for those who can’t decide between a motorhome and a trailer because it gives them the best of both worlds. Besides, the rig’s transforming capabilities are straight up amazing if you ask us.

As you can see, there is absolutely no reason a space-loving individual can’t hit the road just like anyone else. Sure, it might mean driving a giant rig around, but if that’s what makes you comfortable and allows you to travel, it’s well worth it.  And of course, there are (and always will be) regular sized RVs for the tiny space lovers among us.