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13 Spook-tacular Ways To Decorate Your Home And RV For Halloween

With October underway, a cool autumn breeze in the air, and crispy leaves starting to fall, it’s finally about time to set up decorations for Halloween. You can do as little as carve a pumpkin to leave out front, or go all out with light-up, motion-activated props in your front yard or campsite. Either way, try any of these 13 creative ways to spook up your home and RV for the holiday.

1. Stick hair-raising silhouette decals in your windows.

decorate for halloween
Quality Home Design

Haunting decals are sold in most stores, or you can make them yourself with black poster paper and double-sided tape.

2. Hollow out a pumpkin, fill it with ice, and use it as a cooler to keep drinks cold on the table or by the campfire.

decorate for halloween
via Homedit

Once you’ve scooped everything out, don’t throw away any of the pumpkin guts. You can roast the seeds, and save the other innards to puree and bake into a pumpkin pie later on. Double win.

3. Spread a Halloween-themed tablecloth over your dining area inside.

decorate for halloween
via Pottery Barn Kids

Every time you eat you’ll be in the Halloween spirit. Cheap plastic ones are available at most stores like Walmart, Target, and even the dollar store. Or you can find tablecloths made of nicer material, like this pumpkin one from Pottery Barn Kids.

4. Carve pumpkins with camping-themed designs – like these – and leave them around inside and out front.

decorate for halloween

“It’s not who I am underneath, but where I park my RV that defines me.” (Save and print this pumpkin template on Page 9 here.)

5. Make a mini pumpkin wreath and hang it on your door.

decorate for halloween
via HGTV

Find directions on HGTV.

6. Hang up ghost or pumpkin string lights inside or along your awning.

decorate for halloween
via eBay

Halloween lights are available in most stores, like Walmart and Target. We found these quirky vintage ones for about $13 on eBay.

7.  Spook up your campsite with yard decorations.

decorate for halloween
via NJ Camping

Tombstones, skeletons, scarecrows, pumpkins. With more space and options out front, you can really let your dark imagination run wild with spooky props. Some parks and campgrounds even have their own site decorating contests this time of year.

8. Spice up your kitchen with Halloween towels.

decorate for halloween

Themed hand towels are a fun way to accentuate your kitchen for Halloween without taking up lots of extra space. Seen above are these wicked ones from Kohls.

9. Greet visitors – and kick dirt/leaves off your shoes – with Halloween themed doormats.

decorate for halloween

Pictured is this unique one from FloorMatShop, $28.

10. Paint and re-purpose wine bottles as Halloween-themed flower vases.

decorate for halloween
via lilbit

Instructions for the ones pictured above here.

11. Buy or make your own Halloween bowl to leave on the table, filled with little candies.

decorate for halloween
via Target

Fun-sized Snickers, candy corn, mini wrapped Reeses cups, Skittles. In the season of candy, it’s a sweet touch to leave a bowl or dish out filled with your favorite candies. But if you’re like me, this will need to be refilled almost daily. We found this cute ceramic one above from Target, $10.

12. Add some ghoulish flair to your couch/bed with Halloween throw pillows.

decorate for halloween
via LTD Commodities

You can DIY and make your own Halloween pillows, or find cheap, cozy ones from the store. These charming country ones are from LTD Commodities, about $8 each.

13. Make DIY candles with candy corn.

decorate for halloween
via The Teleporting Toddler

Simply place candles in old mason jars or glass containers on top of a thick bed of the Halloween candy, light, and enjoy.

Have you decorated your home or RV for Halloween yet? Share your photos with us below!

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