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10 Tips For A Successful Camper Remodel

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

camper remodel
Rear bunks remodeled to an office space – @dashboarddrifters

10 Tips For A Successful Camper Remodel

A camper remodel can be intimidating and unexpected costs can add up quickly. Do things right the first time with these 10 tips.

1. Create a budget

RVing is way more fun without a huge reno budget to pay off. Like any major financial decision in life, setting a budget is important.

Before starting, sit down and set a realistic budget. Price out your must-haves and add in a contingency amount for unexpected costs. The possibilities for your camper remodel are endless but your budget is not.

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Check out how this professional budgets her renovations.

2. Plan your vision

Starting without a design plan can lead to unnecessary changes along the way. These changes will cost you time and money.

Have a color palette and design aesthetic in mind to help with the flow of the remodel. With your design in mind, shopping for décor and materials will be easier and the end product will come together smoothly.

beautiful completed remodel - camper remodel
Use your imagination to create your dream space

3. Research DIY projects

Social media and the internet are full of documented renos and design ideas. Don’t let the fear of not knowing how to do something stop you from creating your dream.

Many camper remodel projects require only basic tools and are very manageable for the average RVer. There is a large community of RVers and many dedicated forums to help you with any questions you have.

4. Document your remodel

Once completed, your camper remodel will be a source of information for the next person planning a remodel. You will be the person others are looking to for their experience.

Opening up your remodel to others will also connect you with people who will be able to help you along the way. Once completed, your remodel will be something fun to look back on.

5. Set a realistic timeline

Ideally you will have the time and space to complete your remodel at your leisure. However, in most cases there will be an approximate time you want to or need to have your remodel complete. Your timeline will be dependent on your available time, your skills and abilities, and your available finances.

Set a timeline that doesn’t rush you and your situation but sets a goal so you don’t end up with a “half-finished-maybe-next-year” project in your backyard.

6. Ask for help

So many people search through photos and videos of camper remodels dreaming about doing it themselves. Some have even bought a camper to remodel but are unsure where to start.

With a wealth of information out there today and tons of fellow RVers willing to help, a camper remodel shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of tackling. We are not all experts on everything, so when you come to something you are unsure of, take the time to get the proper help and learn from whoever is helping you out.

Camper disassembly - camper remodel
Camper remodels are a great learning experience

7. Use the right materials

Once you dive into your remodel you will come across some things in your camper that may seem cheap. This is because some things used in campers are cheap.

A remodel is a great time to not only change the look but also upgrade things like sinks, faucets, flooring, window coverings, and anywhere you find questionable materials or build quality.

8. Involve your family

In many cases, your camper is something you share with your family or friends. Your kids will remember those family camping trips to the lake and will also remember the fun they had helping to fix up the camper. Maybe it’s a camper that will be passed on to your kids when they grow up.

In most cases, kids who grow up camping will continue to do so and having the knowledge to maintain and fix their own camper will serve them well.

Family time - camper remodel
Take advantage of family time

9. Don’t cut corners

You have decided to take the time and spend the money on a remodel so make it a worthwhile investment. It can be tempting to finish for the first weekend of the camping season or to become discouraged towards the end of a remodel.

Take the time required to complete each project correctly, stopping along the way to gain the knowledge or find the perfect piece. The end result will be something you are proud to show off.

10. Have fun

A remodel can be stressful for many reasons. If you follow the previous tips, it will help keep things on track and keep you motivated. Don’t pressure yourself and be creative, after all, this is likely the reason you started the remodel to create your vision.

Involving your family and friends and reaching out to the RV community will make a challenging project a fun one.

Whether it’s a brand new RV that you are putting your personal touch on or a vintage camper that needs a full remodel, following these tips will add to a fun and successful camper remodel.

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