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The Ins And Outs Of An RV Toilet Replacement

 RV Toilet Replacement
RV toilet replacement – Photo via Shutterstock Standard License

Removing and Replacing an RV Toilet is Easier than You Think

Most every RVer reading this will agree that the toilet is one of the more essential items in their RV. Sooner or later it will quit functioning, at which time you will need to decide whether to repair it or opt for a full RV toilet replacement.

Assuming the toilet is non-repairable or you just want an updated throne, an RV toilet replacement is a relatively simple process. The hardest step of RV toilet replacement is deciding on the replacement.

Start by carefully measuring the space where the replacement toilet goes along with the type and location of the floor flange the toilet mounts to.

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The most important thing if you’re going to do this is to make absolutely sure that the new toilet will fit in the space, and not interfere with anything else.

Says blogger Tracy Perkins 

Once you know the maximum size RV toilet that will fit, it is a matter of narrowing down the features you are looking for in a RV toilet replacement.

Features to consider:

  • High or low profile
  • Anti-microbial
  • Water consumption / flow rate
  • Attached spray unit
  • Bowl size
  • Plastic or Porcelain bowl
  • Seat and lid design
  • Color
  • Overall width
  • Brand
  • Foot pedal, slide handle or push button flush?
  • Weight
  • Recirculating
  • Composting
  • Blade or ball flushing mechanism

When searching for an RV toilet replacement, make sure to include “marine toilets” in your online search as many toilets used in pleasure boats will also work in RVs.

Once you have completed the hard work of finding an RV toilet replacement that fits your needs and desires, removing the old one and installing the replacement can be accomplished in short order.

How to remove an RV old RV toilet

  1. Dump and rinse the black tank. Click here for tips on how to avoid unpleasant odors when you remove the old toilet.
  2. Prepare a spot to set the old toilet once it is removed. If in the RV, consider using some cardboard and/or some old towels to set it on to protect surfaces in the RV.
  3. Turn off the city water and/or the water pump. Flush the old toilet you are removing to release any remaining water pressure in the water line feeding the toilet.
  4. Remove the freshwater line from the back of the toilet. A small mirror can prove useful in this step. Remove the two bolts at the base of the toilet. Lift the old toilet straight up off the flange bolts and set it down in the prepared location.
  5. Remove the old gasket, if it didn’t come off with the toilet, from the floor flange. Clean the flange along with the floor where the RV toilet previously sat. Be careful not to accidentally drop anything into the black tank.

Next, here’s how install an RV toilet

  1. If the new toilet came with new T bolts (most do) for the flange, position the bolts to accept the new toilet.
  2. Install the floor gasket that came with the new toilet on the base of the toilet. To avoid tearing the gasket, align the mounting holes on the toilet over the T bolts and slowly lower the toilet over the bolts.
  3. Use the nuts and washers provided to secure the new toilet to the floor flange. Be careful to not over tighten the nuts which could damage the new toilet. Sit on the new toilet to make sure everything is secure and it doesn’t wobble. Tighten more if needed.
  4. Reconnect the freshwater line to the new toilet being careful not to cross thread or overtighten the fitting. 
  5. Turn the water back on, flush the toilet and check for leaks.

Congratulations! If there are no leaks, then you have just performed your first RV toilet replacement.

For those that need to “see it”, check out this short video on RV toilet replacement from RV Education 101:

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