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DIY / Homemade RV Leveling Blocks with Easy Retrieval

Many travel trailers, fifth wheels, campers, and motorhomes come with some type of leveling system. Whether automatic or manual, at times RV leveling blocks are called for because of unsteady or unleveled ground. The common fix is to purchase a set of ready made RV leveling blocks that come rugged and in a bag. Unfortunately they can be a struggle to retrieve as well as place next to tires (one of the times kids are helpful). Some issues can only be solved with the mind of a Do-It-Yourselfer. A quick modification to standard 2×8 lumber can yield you  homemade RV leveling blocks that are much easier to deploy and retrieve than anything you can buy at the store.

Karen Pfundtner and her husband Steveio created the homemade RV leveling blocks you see below. After cutting up a few pieces of 2×8 pressure treated lumber, Steveio added screw eyes to the end of each one. Next rope was attached to each screw eye. The result was easily deployable and retrievable homemade RV leveling blocks. After throwing the block to the ground past the tire, the rope is easily used to pull the block into place. Likewise, when departing, the rope is used to easily pull the block out for storage.


DIY / Homemade RV Leveling Blocks Example


This sure beats squatting awkwardly or getting on your knees to setup or take down your leveling equipment. You can even find a handy storage container at Wal-Mart or Home Depot to store your new RV leveling blocks in. We estimate that this clever mod wont run you more than $20 and possibly less if you have some lumber lying around. Frankly, we already had the leveling blocks made from lumber that we used from time to time. We ordered marine rope and a few screw eyes, then 30 minutes later we had our RV leveling blocks modified to be much easier to use. Your back and knees will thank you!

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