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These Dog Houses Look Just Like Your Motorhome Or Travel Trailer

A few years ago, artist Judson Beaumont designed and built prototype dog houses that look like small campers.

It appears he has some competition. 

Bob Ruston lives in Colorado and works as a mechanic and hot rod air brusher. Now closing in on retirement, he builds customized dog houses in his garage.

Judson’s dog house designs were shaped like vintage camper trailers. Bob’s dog houses, on the other hand, are nearly scale replicas of existing RVs.

Bob Ruston showing a few of his designs to a local newspaper reporter.

My Buddy RVs
The Gazette, Christian Murdock

The family dog, Buddy, seems pleased with his owner’s creation.

Camper dog house
The Gazette, Christian Murdock

So far Bob has been working on the dog houses for several months, and has four prototypes that he’s trying to sell on craigslist to a local buyer.

The houses start at $500.

Bob said,

I can make them bigger, but for a real big guy it would be half the size of a car.

Note: We couldn’t locate his craigslist ad and it doesn’t appear he has a website.

Check out Judson’s vintage trailer dog houses.

Original story: The Gazette

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