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Go Off-Grid In The New GoSun Solar-Powered Tiny Home

Go Off-Grid In The New GoSun Solar-Powered Tiny Home

From appliances to tiny homes, GoSun is cornering the market with its solar-powered ingenuity.  GoSun’s latest project, Dream, is a solar-powered tiny home that incorporates the best of RV and tiny home aspects and doesn’t skimp out on energy efficiency.  In fact, the entire idea behind these durable, versatile, self-sustaining homes was making energy efficiency the central focus.

GoSun founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin explained, “Tiny houses are finding a growing market today. They can be made more affordable, can be used as a second home, and if built on a trailer can be towed and parked anywhere a RV can go. However, although they make a small footprint, it is rare that builders have also designed them so they make a small energy footprint. So the ultimate tiny house should be an off-grid tiny house, one that can go anywhere, any place, and be self-sufficient.” 

From its overall construction, low energy, and off-grid capabilities, the Dream is truly a dream in the making for all travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It embraces minimalism, self-sustainability, and eco-friendly practices. The following are the specifications that surround these principles.

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General tiny home specifications

The GoSun Dream is 22 feet long and has 195 square feet of living space. It measures 8.5 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 13 feet high. It weighs about 11,500 pounds and can be towed by a three-quarter or one-ton pick-up truck.

Living arrangements include a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area that doubles as a bedroom. A lofted queen bed sits above the banquette-style dinette and can be raised and lowered by the press of a button. The table can also be converted into a second bed. The Dream can comfortably sleep four people.

The kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator, two-burner stovetop, range hood, and GoSun’s solar and electric oven. The bathroom is a separate room with a shower, sink, and composting toilet, with the option of a flushing toilet.

Buyers have the option of installing an electric awning.  It is designed to automatically retract if the wind picks up.

Energy efficient systems 

The rooftop is covered in solar panels, 1.4 kW of photovoltaics on multidirectional mounts, and comes with a 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack.  GoSun’s Dream also has a 3,000 watt generator and a sine-wave inverter. Propane is set up as Plan B for cloudy, dreary days.  Besides the propane stove, owners can utilize the propane on-demand water heater and propane space heater.

An automatic Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) is part of the final product.  This system efficiently circulates clean, fresh air into the home and removes stale air.  It also captures contaminants, pollutants, allergens, pollen, and more before entering indoors.

Off-grid capability

Some may want to use the Dream at RV resorts or personal properties using its power, cable, water, and waste hook-up points, but it’s intended to operate off-grid. It is possible to stay off-grid for one month in the tiny home with the help of its solar panels, power systems, and energy-efficient appliances.

For example, the company has packed the Dream with all sorts of smart appliances. One of its signature creations included is the portable solar-powered kitchen. This kitchen set comes with an oven, cooler, solar-paneled table, and power bank. 

In regards to reducing water consumption, low flow faucets, an atomizing shower, and a composting toilet are installed. The GoSun’s water purifier and sanitation system are built-in, along with 40-gallon fresh, 25-gallon grey, and 25-gallon black water tanks. (The black tank comes in use with the optional flushing toilet).

Take a tour of GoSun’s Dream tiny home

Learn more about the GoSun Dream

GoSun’s Dream is up for grabs in 2021, starting at $69,500. Those interested can reserve online with a $500 deposit. Sherwin has received many positive responses.

“Deposits are coming in, calls are coming in, new ideas are flooding in,” Sherwin wrote. “It seems there’s a tremendous amount of interest, perhaps even for communities of tiny homes.”

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