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A Handyman Made His Own Custom Wooden Truck Camper. He’ll Make One For You Too.

Chase Lawler works as an “honest handyman providing top-notch service at an affordable price.”

He’s based out of San Francisco and builds custom furniture, installs molding and tile, paints, does drywall, and…builds a cool custom wooden camper.

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Chase liked his design so much, that he’s offering to build it for others as well.

Chase Lawler taking a rare break from work.

Handyman Chase Lawler


He will build and install this same camper on your truck for only $880.

Chase describes why he built his camper,

I wanted a wooden camper, but couldn’t find anyone who made or sold them, so I made my own. They’re a great looking alternative to metal or fiberglass.

This camper is great for unexpected weather and harsh conditions as wood is a natural insulator. Now I find festivals, surfing, skiing and exploring the coast with my family is so much easier and safer. A full sized mattress fits inside, lots of pillows and all your gear. I hesitate to point out that it works extremely well as a “truck rack” with tie-down hooks and a flat roof. I’ve stacked large furniture and full sized lumber on it for years.

So whether you are a green tradesman, a weekend camper, or you just want better aerodynamics/mileage from your pick-up, this is a great “organic” option. Each piece of the shell is pre-sealed with waterproof polyurethane, then I add dual access doors, plexiglass windows, hinges, bolts, and locks.

Take a look at Chase’s build:

Custom wooden truck camper

Custom camper for a truck bed

Side profile from across the street Back of the custom truck camper built by Chase Lawler

Rear doors open on custom wooden truck camper

Inside the truck camperResources:

Photos via Zaarly

Other homemade truck camper designs:

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