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Indoor Camping for All Seasons – The RV Hotel

“Indoor Camping” – Perhaps one of the most unique RV Hotels in the world, only you need not bring your RV.

The term “indoor camping” for me tends to bring memories of my childhood putting  a tent up in the garage and creating my very own “real to me” campsite. In some ways it looks like there is a market for reconnecting people with their adolescent curiosities as shown by a new hotel in Berlin, Germany called  Huettenpalast (translated: Hut Palace). No longer does the weather dictate the terms of your RV trip if your near Berlin. Huettenpalast is the first indoor camping park in the world. Here you will find an array of remodeled caravans, huts, and traditional hotel rooms neatly compiled into what was once an old vacuum factory.

The RV Hotel Photo Gallery


The Huettenpalast offers communal areas, clothes lines and many other traditional camping accessories so you feel right at home. There are even wheels on the cabins so that the hotel can be reconfigured for large events.


Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer are the creative minds behind this one of a kind indoor camping experience. They set out to design a hotel that kept the traditional campsite feeling in tact while turning the notion of camping upside down. Silke and Sarah renovated the RV’s and removed all the original utilities and remodeled the interior of each one with its own unique theme.

The cost to enjoy this one of a kind experience is quite reasonable. Only $80 a night for the RV and Huts. $115 a night if your all RV’ed out and interested in the actual hotel room. Should you decide you want breakfast then a little bag of fruit and croissants are hung on one of the branches outside your window.

You can see get more information at the Huettenpalast Webiste



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