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iPad and Tablet Holder in Seconds Anywhere You Want with 3M Hooks

3M command strips. There are not many innovations that have changed the way we interact with walls more so than these little pieces of adhesive. It is no secret that DIYRV is a fan of the 3M Command Strip. Today we add to the reasons to keep a handful in your drawer with a simple way to mount your iPad or tablet to walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling. This iPad and tablet holder should take you about 2 minutes to install and cost less than $5 when it is all said and done.


As soon as you look at the pictures of our ipad and tablet holder it becomes really clear how this mod goes together. Strategically place your hooks to allow your tablet to nestle between them and suspend them against whatever surface you choose. You really only need 3 hooks, though 4 wouldn’t hurt. The way we did it was using 2 larger hooks on the bottom and one smaller hook on the top. The larger bottom hooks of course to hold the weight and the top just for balance. It looks as if ANY of the plastic 3M hooks should work as long as they have a large enough lip to hold your device.

The iPad and tablet holder could be used in an array of places in a RV:
  • On a kitchen cabinet for use while preparing meals
  • On a wall for use as a music player or for checklists
  • In the bedroom for use to watch movies, play games, or listen to music
  • On the ceiling for children that may be in bunk beds
  • And many others that we dont know about yet and are waiting for you to share with us!

ipad-tablet-holder-6It probably goes without saying, but the iPad and tablet holder as shown here isn’t designed for use while the RV is in transit. The hooks could be placed in such a way to change that but we found it more useful while stopped. But, that is the beauty of 3M command strips, you can set it up anyway you want and take it down without leaving any residue behind if you don’t care for it.

See the full list of hook options available. There are many different colors and styles to choose from to build your own iPad and tablet holder.

What do you think? Have an idea of how use 3M command hooks? Please share in the comments below.

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