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Ketchup Bottle as RV Kitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser

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RV Kitchen Pancake Batter from Ketchup Bottle
Mark Lunk

Here at we love breathing life into items that many may consider a toss away. This idea to turn a used ketchup bottle into your very own RV kitchen pancake batter dispenser is priceless. Preparing meals in an RV can be a challenge even under perfect circumstances. One meal that I dread is anything with mixing as it makes a mess and you cant store the extra. In walks the makeshift RV kitchen pancake dispenser that you filled before leaving on your trip. You can easily dispense and store half a dozen pancakes or more for your breakfast at that new rv park you traveled to. I doubt I will ever throw out another ketchup bottle because my friends need rv kitchen pancake dispensers too! Now you have the ability to do portion control and pancake graffiti in a way you never thought possible.


Onto the experiments  Can you match these designs? If so post them up on our forum and I will get them updated below!


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