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Maintain RV Slide-Out Seals – How To

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RV Slide Out Single

We recently offered to help a fellow RV’er with this and came across a great method for maintaining the integrity of your RV Slide-Out which you can see on the video posted below.

The method described in the video takes plain old baby powder applied to a dirty old sock (Video producers choice not mine, I prefer to do it with just and old sock).

RV slide-out rooms have both inside and outside seals and in the video they are referred to as “gaskets”.

They are to keep the elements out regardless of the weather situation they are in. It is recommended by the producers of the video that you apply this maintenance tip to your RV slide-out once a year.

There are commercial products available from RV parts stores but in many cases this will do the trick. Be sure to check with your RV technician before choosing to go this seemingly simple and low cost route.

The video producer mentions:

“Our slide-out room seals look pretty much brand new, even after nearly 7 years of full-timing. If your manufacturer recommends some other method, by all means follow their recommendation, but we’re pleased with this method and highly recommend giving it a try.”

That’s good enough for me.

I went ahead and picked up a big canister of Baby Powder to service the RV slide-out and then some. It is better excuse than telling your friends you have a rash! If you are in need you can click the link below pick some up.

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  1. Crooked Silde .
    The slide out on my 2007 Georgetown XL 359 is sticking on right front inside ( when the slide goes out) and on the left side when it comes in. I had it in for repaire at a dealer and they could not find the problem. Sometime it will work great. before I put out another $300 do you have any suggestions.

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