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6 Clever Tips For Making Your RV’s Bed

Nobody likes doing chores in an RV. After all, it’s much more fun to hang out around the campfire and shoot the breeze or head out on an epic hiking adventure. Unfortunately, the chores won’t do themselves, meaning you will have to take care of them eventually.

One of the worst RV chores is making the beds.  Tiny spaces aren’t exactly easy to navigate, especially when doing something as cumbersome as making a bed.

Add that to the dreaded corner bed situation or one of those darn RV bunks, and you have a situation that could frustrate the gentlest of saints.

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Luckily there are ways to make this a little less difficult. Obviously, you will want to take advantage of as many tips as you can, so we have included a whole list of ideas to make this chore a tad easier.

1. Layer sheets

This simple tip works perfectly for little ones who have a tendency to wet the bed. That said, it can most certainly prove useful for any RVer.

Photo: Youtube

So, what is the tip? Layer the sheets!

That’s right: When you make your bed, simply put two or three sheets on instead of the one. Then, when it comes time to change sheets, all you have to do is pull off the top layer to reveal a perfectly clean and comfy surface underneath.

By putting a waterproof pad in-between, you can make changing a bedwetter’s sheets in the middle of the night a cinch. Otherwise, a simple mattress pad between layers will keep the bottom layers clean while keeping you super comfortable.

2. Use a dowel rod or ruler

Part of the problem with making a corner bed is getting the comforter between the mattress and the wall.

If your mattress is a tight fit, you might find it easiest to tuck the excess into the crack using a dowel rod or even a wooden ruler. This will save your fingers some pain and leave your bed looking as good as a hotel bed.

3. Make bunk mattress cases

Bunk beds are a pain to make, and RV bunks are no exception. Because putting sheets on these bunks almost always requires removing the mattress from the base entirely, putting the mattress back without losing your fitted sheet is a pain. Additionally, wild sleepers can easily pull the sheets off of bunk beds, meaning you will need to replace them frequently.

Image source

If you have these problems, you might consider making bunk mattress cases. These are essentially giant pillowcases for your bunk mattresses. They can be made by sewing two pieces of fabric together on three sides and hemming the fourth, and they stay in place perfectly.

4. Add some tiles

Putting a fitted sheet on a mattress is made infinitely easier when you can slide the mattress out away from the wall. Unfortunately, many RV beds are on unfinished plywood platforms. These platforms snag the mattress if you attempt to slide it, making it difficult to move.

By installing some peel and stick tiles on the platform, you can eliminate the snagging issue and make sliding your mattress a breeze. Don’t worry though, the mattress does stay in place while you’re sleeping.

5. Switch to a foam mattress

If the ability to slide your mattress doesn’t solve your fitted sheet woes, you may want to make the switch to a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are super comfortable, but they are also very easy to make. This is because the foam can easily be lifted and folded while wrestling the fitted sheet into place.

Photo from Walmart

Traditional RV mattresses are not nearly as bendable or comfortable, so foam mattresses are a clear winner for those who use their RV bed often.  You can find a comfy queen mattress (with 8 inches of foam) for RVs and campers on Amazon here.

6. Invest in zippered bedding

So, there is always the option of spending each night in sleeping bags and rolling them up each morning. However, sleeping bags are not nearly as comfortable as sheets and a comforter, and they are more difficult to keep clean. This is where zippered bedding such as Beddy’s Bedding steps in.

This bedding solution is like a giant sleeping bag made to fit your bed. However, unlike a sleeping bag, this bedding can be unzipped on both sides and includes a sheet that can be removed for washing.

Sleeping in one of these bedding sets is just like sleeping in regular bedding, but because it only needs to be unfolded on top of the mattress, it is incredibly easy to bring out and put away each day.

Try one or two of these RV bed-making tips on your next trip. If one doesn’t work, move onto the next. After all, different things work for different people, and finding your own bed-making groove can really improve your camping mornings.

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4 thoughts on “6 Clever Tips For Making Your RV’s Bed”

  1. – They custom make some great memory foam mattresses in any shape or size. We purchased an olympic queen mattress for our 2009 Jayco Eagle and loved it. We even kept it when we traded the RV. We now have a 2018 Jayco Jay Flight with an RV King and we are replacing that mattress with a memory foam from Mattress Insider. They also sell sheets for these special sizes.

  2. Who makes a memory foam mattress for the cab over bunk. If you have a good solution to the cab over mattress please reply

  3. Reader’s Digest actually had an article on bedding. It said never make a bed immediately after getting up in the morning (or afternoon). The article stated it was better to wait a few hours to let it air out. Good Housekeeping had an article explaining turning down a bed a couple of hours before bedtime so the sheets feel fresh by being open to the room air. Me, being a bit OCD and overdoing things, now let my bedding air out until 7 or 8 – in the evening. And opening the sheets up to room for that fresh feeling is even better if you extend that time as well. The summary? No sense making a bed for the remaining one hour.

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