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A Look Inside This Badass Micro Truck Camper

When Dave The Sign Guy isn’t making custom banners and yard signs for his business, he’s building awesome things like campers for fun.  In this video he posted to his Youtube channel, Dave shows off a beastly micro truck camper he recently built on the back of his Ford F150.


The exterior has solar panels, graphics matching the truck, hitch steps, and his tailgate serves as his porch.

Though small, the interior is cozy.  He has everything he needs in a small 5 ½ foot space (from front to back) including a kitchenette, a bed for two, a TV, and a pull-out Porta Potti.


The best part about his interior design is the efficient use of the walls.  He mounted a rack to hold plates/cups, a soap dispenser, and hung other items like utensils to keep them out of the way.

Watch Dave give the full tour:

Check out his Youtube channel here to see more videos of how he built out his mini truck camper.

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