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5 Hacks For Your Mobile Office

5 Hacks For Your Mobile Office
5 Hacks For Your Mobile Office

5 Hacks For Your Mobile Office

Creating a user-friendly mobile office is a must. You may be a solo remote worker or have a family running around while you work. No matter your situation, there are ways to help you work better. We’ve come up with five hacks to keep you focused and efficient while on the job. 

When should you consider setting up a mobile office?

More and more people are working remotely. Whether you work for a company or are a freelancer, sitting in a traditional office is no longer the norm. If you work remotely one or more days a week, it’s time to set up a mobile office.

To perform well in your job, some consistency in your workday will help you focus better and increase productivity. This may include utilizing apps to stay in touch with your team, or investing in a desk or other equipment that fits with your work style. 

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Pro Tip: The most crucial piece of a mobile office is a cellular internet connection. If you want to learn the nitty-gritty about connectivity, we recommend the online course “Mobile Internet Explained.”

5 Tips For Setting Up Your Mobile Office

Check out these five hacks for setting up your space. 

1. Create a dedicated office area

Figure out where you can create a dedicated office area that will get maximum use. Whether your mobile office is in your house or an RV, find a space that will afford you what you need to get the work done. 

If you’re on conference calls all day, a quiet area with limited distractions will be a top priority. Perhaps you’re writing all day or doing data entry; somewhere with natural light can help you stay energized. Think about your most important tasks and build an office that allows you to accomplish them best.

2. Opt for wireless computer accessories

Wireless computer accessories give you flexibility. They tend to be lightweight, which comes in handy if you often travel between different locations. If your mobile office is used for other things outside of your work hours, you can easily store wireless accessories away. 

Wireless headphones and accessories make it easier to stay connected
Wireless headphones and accessories make it easier to stay connected

3. Use a headset

A headset gives you a lot of freedom to move around in your mobile office. It also saves you the hassle and neck pain of holding a phone each time you have a call. Plus, it can double as headphones if you like listening to podcasts or music while you work.

4. Stay on track with a productivity app

Whether you just started working remotely or have for some time, it takes self-discipline to be productive, especially when your laundry or other household tasks are staring at you. 

There are lots of productivity apps that can help you stay on track. If you work with a team, an app like is a great option. For freelancers, something like Asana can be useful to keep track of all of your projects and give yourself deadlines.  

5. Try using a standing desk or laptop stand

Working from a mobile office typically means more sitting than in a traditional office. In a conventional office, you get up to talk with co-workers, or perhaps the restrooms are a long distance away. 

When you work from home, there are fewer opportunities to stretch your legs. Try using a standing desk to stretch your legs and add more movement into your day. There are great options out there for varying budgets. Or consider a laptop stand that you can sit on your desk or a table. It’s a similar concept to a standing desk but is more mobile.

Staying connected is top priority

Above all, the most essential mobile office hack is staying connected. We recommend the online course “Mobile Internet Explained” if you’re serious about connectivity.

Otherwise, these five hacks can help you work smarter and more successfully in your mobile office. We would love to see your setup. Please share a photo or leave us a comment with tips you would add to this list.