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How To Add A Mobile Greenhouse To Your RV For Gardening On The Go

Jason Sulliman wanted a way to add a mobile, exterior garden to his RV. He found a solution by attaching a homemade greenhouse to a rear hitch-mounted aluminum cargo carrier on the back of his camper.

Subtle modifications to his exterior greenhouse include a passive drainage system, rainwater collection system, and an adjustable roof.

Amazing! I was just thinking of how to build something like this, and it looks like you beat me to it! This should be extremely helpful since you’ve done most of the work for me (:

Materials needed to build his portable greenhouse:

  • hitch-mounted RV cargo carrier
  • some scrap lumber
  • 3.5 mm Solexx paneling for the sides and roof
  • window screen
  • some PVC piping and a rubber hose
  • basic nuts and bolts for the hinged top

Part 1

Part 2

Update: Part 3

Wow! It’s amazing that in just one week the plants are so big. Next challenge: growing pumpkins!

Final thoughts by Jason,

The Solexx worked well shielding the elements and allowing sunlight in.  I think the “jostling” effect that the driving caused also helped the plants harden and really produce.  My cherry tomatoes were out of control!  The only thing  might change on the next design would be potentially a lighter design.  I’d experiment with a lighter amount of wood, especially in the basin, and I think it would still hold up well.  My particular trailer hitch is at a downward angel and it would work better if it was level, but that’s a different issue entirely!

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