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What Is A Motorhome Bra And How Does It Help Protect Your Rig?

motorhome bra installed on an RV
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Do You Really Need A Motorhome Bra?

Wondering if you need a motorhome bra? This is understandable. You, like most other RV owners, want to take good care of your rig, and you’ve likely heard that a motorhome bra can help you do just that. 

The thing is, an RV bra is not exactly an inexpensive RV accessory. Additionally, it’s important that you install and remove the bra every time you move the RV, meaning a bit of extra work every travel day. Therefore, you definitely want this purchase to be worthwhile.

In this article, we will dive into the ins and outs of motorhome bras to help you understand what they are, how one might serve you, and what you need to know before you buy one. 

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What is a motorhome bra?

First, let’s talk about what exactly a motorhome bra is. After all, this isn’t a term you hear everyday, and you don’t really see a whole lot of motorhome bras out on the road. So what is it?

Basically, an RV bra is a large piece of fabric that attaches to the front of your RV in order to protect the rig from damage as you drive down the road. They tend to be made of vinyl, but sometimes other similar materials will be used. For the most part, motorhome bras are customized to match the make and model of your RV exactly. This ensures a perfect fit, something that is incredibly important when using such an accessory. 

Motorhome bras are only intended to be used while you’re driving and should be removed once you arrive at your destination. 

How does a motorhome bra protect your RV?

Now that you know what an RV bra is, let’s talk about how it protects your RV. What exactly is it protecting your home-on-wheels from? After all, isn’t your motorhome made to be driven down the road?

Here’s what these accessories are meant to do. 

Reduce fading

RVs see a lot of sunlight. When your RV is parked, you can do your best to ensure it’s parked in the shade so it has some protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t possible when you’re driving, and if you’re taking a long trip on a highway out in the open, your rig is going to be exposed to a whole lot of damaging UV light. A motorhome bra can help protect your RV and reduce damage from these rays. 

Protect from rock chips

Rocks in the road can cause damage to any vehicle, and it isn’t always possible to avoid such rocks. Seeing as you probably don’t want rock chips in the front of your RV, you’ll be happy to know an RV bra can protect the front of your motorhome from flying rocks, ensuring it remains chip-free, even on the roughest of roads. 

Prevent bug splatter

Have you ever arrived at a campsite to find the front of your rig completely covered in bugs? This is not a fun way to find your home-on-wheels after a long trip. A motorhome bra can prevent this issue by catching all those pesky bugs before they hit your RV paint job. Sure, you’ll have to wipe the RV bra down after your trip, but that is much easier than cleaning the front of your rig. 

Essentially, the motorhome bra keeps your RV looking as new as possible while also reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do after each stop. In our opinion, these are wonderful benefits that definitely make a motorhome bra a worthwhile purchase.

What to know before purchasing a motorhome bra

All that said, there are some things you need to know before you buy a motorhome bra. As with anything, these RV accessories do come with their drawbacks. However, if you educate yourself before you purchase or use your motorhome bra, you can avoid these downsides while still enjoying the benefits of this lesser-known RV add-on. 

A proper fit is crucial

The biggest problem with motorhome bras is the fact that they can actually impact the engine performance of your RV. That said, this is only the case when the RV bra doesn’t fit properly. Why? Because a motorhome bra that fits poorly can block intake vents, meaning your engine won’t be getting enough air to run properly. 

Can cause damage

In addition to impacting your RV engine performance, a motorhome bra can also cause damage to the exterior of your RV. This happens only when the bra is left on too much of the time. In this case, the RV bra can actually fade the paint on the front of the RV.

Additionally, dirt that gets stuck between the fabric of the bra and the RV can create scratches and blemishes in the paint. This is why it’s so important that you remove the bra after each trip and wipe it down as needed.

What are the best motorhome bras?

Because they must be custom-made for each RV, there aren’t any companies selling ready-to-use motorhome bras. That said, there are a few companies out there that specialize in making custom RV bras. 

Some of the best companies to buy this particular RV add-on from include: 

At this point, you know what there is to know about motorhome bras. With this information, you should be able to make an educated decision about whether this RV accessory is for you. What do you think? Will you add one to your collection of RVing accessories?

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