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5 Ways To Clean Bugs Off The Front Of Your RV

Don’t let bug splatter stay on your RV for long. It can potentially screw up your RV’s paint job, not to mention dirty your good-looking rig. Keeping your windshield clean will also make it easier to see while driving and give you better views from your window.

Keep your RV clean of bug splatter. Photo via iRV2 Forums member Josstoop
What are the best ways to clean bugs off your RV?

There are two secrets to cleaning bugs off your RV. First, many RVers keep their rig clean by preparing the exterior before driving. “Before EVERY trip, it only takes a few minutes to spray something on the front of the coach,” Advised iRV2 member Dutch Star Don on this recent forum thread. “You can use wax, Pledge, 303, it doesn’t matter, just get something on there. On buggy days, I use one of the cleaners to clean off the bugs, giving it protection for the next round.”

Second, it is crucial to clean your RV quickly before the bug splatter dries. You’ll only need a few cleaning supplies and fifteen minutes of your time to keep your RV looking as good as new.

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1. Stick to the basics: Warm water, soap, and an extending brush

Warm water and RV soap (some also use Dawn soap) will almost always get the job done. An extending brush can also make it easier to get those hard-to-reach spots especially if you have a big Class A coach.

Use an extending pole with a brush. Photo by iRV2 Forums member UncleJamie

You can ask for one at check-in as many RV parks will sometimes have one available or you may want to invest in your own extending brush so it will always be on hand when you need it. This adjustable pole extends from 47″ up to 72″ long and has a built-in on/off button to adjust the water flow while you’re washing.

2. For tough bug spots, use damp dryer sheets

Dryer sheets have many DIY uses, including getting bugs off your rig. Use a little bit of water to dampen a sheet and rub it softly in small circles over the bug spots, they should come right off.

3. Prepare before you drive with Rejex

Before any long drive, take a couple of minutes to coat your RV with Rejex. This slick wax coating will keep bugs from sticking and protect the exterior from the damaging effects of UV light. It also keeps your RV clean from road grime, brake dust, bird droppings, oil, tree sap, and exhaust.

4. Use a specific bug-removing cleaner

Some quality cleaners like Bugs-N-All and 3D Bug Remover are specifically made to clean bug splatter off your car and RV without affecting the wax, paint, clear coat, and decals.

Use a specific bug cleaner. Photo by iRV2 member wkenhall

Park your RV in the shade before cleaning for the best results and use microfiber towels to avoid scratching the surface.

5. Use an all-purpose cleaner and auto glass cleaner

Don’t have bug cleaner on hand? You can also use a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner such as Simple Green with microfiber towels on the front end of your RV and a glass cleaner like this one from Invisible Glass for the windshield.

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Clean Bugs Off The Front Of Your RV”

  1. Be careful before using someone else’s cleaning brush to clean your rig. Make sure there are no small stones or grit embedded in the bristles. They can create some lovely designs on the surface of your rig.

  2. Spray generously with Hydrogen Peroxide – let sit – spray off. Whatever is left, scrub off with water, soap and extended brush. Dry of with dryer sheets.

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