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This Off-Grid Camper Van Has A Unique Set-Up

Birk and Sara from SurfTripping have a custom set-up in their Volkswagen Crafter van unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

They hand-built their bedframe with three settings: sofa, bed, and balcony.  In balcony mode, the bed slides all the way out the back of the van and allows them to lay in bed outdoors, whether it’s just to relax and read a book with a great view or fall asleep under the stars.

All photos by SurfTripping: Follow them on Instagram

The couple converted the van into a home-on-wheels to travel and surf in Lofoten, Norway and across Europe.  Their van was built to be completely off-the-grid with two 100-watt solar panels and a 140-amp AGM deep cycle battery.

They used lots of secondhand materials and wooden pallets to build out their van.  Most notably, they installed a wooden board inside a suitcase and mounted it to the wall.  It can easily be opened and closed and used as a workspace and surface to pour drinks.


Beside the bed is their small kitchen area.  They also added a swiveling plywood table to use for working or dining.


Their kitchenette has a wooden countertop and drawers, as well as a cooktop and sink.


A wardrobe was built next to the kitchen (behind the seats up-front) to hang their clothes.  They also set up a curtain between the front seats and back living area for extra privacy and insulation on cold nights.


Their surf gear and boards are stored under the bed and easily accessible from the back of the van.


Watch this video from SurfTripping for the full tour:

To see more on their converted van and surfing adventures, visit their Youtube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram.
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