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How To Organize Tasks While Working From Your RV

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The Best Ways To Organize Tasks While Working From An RV

One of the most difficult things about working from home is staying organized enough that you get everything done and meet all of your deadlines. This becomes even more tricky when you’re living and traveling in an RV. In this case, you have to juggle your everyday workload alongside all the travel days, sightseeing adventures, and inevitable RV mishaps and maintenance tasks that happen along the way. It’s easy for some things to get lost in the mix. 

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively organize tasks while working on the road. Doing this ensures that important duties don’t fall by the wayside, and you can remain an upstanding employee even while traveling in your RV. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for doing just that. 

Have a Dedicated Work Space

First and foremost, we highly recommend having a dedicated workspace if possible. This allows you to leave your work and able to pick back up whenever you have a moment. Leaving important papers on your desk will ensure you see them again, and keeping tabs open on your work computer helps you keep track of what you were doing whenever you do jump back in.

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Having a dedicated RV office will allow you to get into the zone and focus so no task gets forgotten. 

Set Aside Work Hours

In addition to setting aside a dedicated RV office space, you will want to set aside specific hours for work. Many people work traditional office hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each work day.

That said, even those with more flexible schedules will still benefit from making sure they have a certain number of hours to sit down and focus on work-related tasks each week. This might mean that certain days of the week are always work days. In other cases, those work days might change from one week to the next. You’ll have to decide what works best for you. 

No matter when you decide to work, keep your dedicated work hours in mind when planning travels.

When possible:

  1. Don’t plan a travel day on any day that you would normally be working.
  2. Make sure you will be in a spot with internet connection on your work days (if internet is needed).
  3. Don’t try to cram so many activities into a week that you won’t be able to stick to those dedicated work hours. 

Ensuring you have plenty of hours to focus solely on your work will help you get your tasks done properly, on time, and in the right order. 

Always Work Ahead

When you travel full-time, you never know what’s going to come up. Tires blow out, vehicles break down, and RV issues crop up. Additionally, there are times when you arrive in a location only to find there is more you’d like to see than you have time for.

In all of these cases, work might just get put on the back burner for a day or two. For this reason, we recommend working as far ahead as your job will allow. This gives you a cushion when something does come up and you need a day off. 

Keep a Running To-Do List

For many, the most important part of making sure everything gets done when it is due is the running to-do list. You can keep this list on your phone or in a planner, but make sure you add everything to it as soon as those things pop into your head.

Many people find it helpful to organize tasks by day. Split the work in such a way that no day is too busy and everything is ready before it is needed.

Look at your to-do list every night to see what you need to do the next day. Cross tasks off as you complete them, add new ones as they come up, and roll tasks over if there are any you don’t finish when they are on your schedule.

Hang a Family Calendar

Obviously, work tasks and family activities both have to fit into your schedule. Therefore, it might help to keep track of everything on a large family calendar that hangs on the wall.

Write out things like appointments, travel days, and outings on the calendar. Also be sure to include work meetings, due dates, and set work times. This allows everyone to see what is coming up, so there isn’t an issue with double booking. 

Use a Whiteboard

You might also benefit from hanging a whiteboard in your RV. Your RV office is likely the best place for this. Use the board to jot down reminders so they are seen as soon as you walk into your workspace.

Reminders about meetings, due dates, and appointments can go here, as well as ideas and bits of inspiration that you’d like to remember. 

Set Phone Reminders for Yourself

Finally, we highly recommend using technology to help yourself organize tasks. Reminders on a whiteboard, calendar, or to-do list are great…until you forget to check those things. Reminders from your phone are even better because they will push themselves through as notifications that you really can’t miss. 

Remember RV-Related Tasks with RV Life Maintenance

Organizing your work tasks is easier when you aren’t trying to think about which RV maintenance tasks need to be done. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use RV LIFE Maintenance.

You can set up an RV maintenance schedule, so it sends you reminders whenever it’s time to get something done. With this digital tool, you can stop worrying about your RV maintenance and focus on staying on top of your work so you can continue to fund your amazing RV adventures!

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