RV Mod Propane Tank 3

Propane Tank RV Mod Puts a Smile on its Face – Literally

Are you tired of seeing that sad old propane tank? Well if you aren’t your family and neighbors certainly are. Your tank may be the laughing stock of the whole RV park by now. It must be time for an RV mod on your tank. I am only kidding but when I saw this idea…

RV joke humor jim gaffigan

Funny RV: Jim Gaffigan – King Baby – Camping

The only thing better to me than being out on the open road in my RV is laughing about being on the open road in my RV. A funny RV Joke and sense of humor is the best way to accomplish just that. This cut from a stand up routine from Jim Gaffigan about camping…

4 Tiny House RV 4

Tiny House RV on Wheels to Make A Truly Mobile Home

To look at this Tiny House RV you would never believe it was designed, sourced, and constructed by a young couple who simply were looking for a simpler life. They took the initiative and created not only a fantastic example of simple living but one of the most unique and incredible ‘Home on Wheels” I…


RV Bed Idea – Space Saving Headboard

This idea was introduced to me recently as an idea for my home and I instantly was more interested in it as a RV bed idea. This actually could serve three purposes in an RV. It could of course be your headboard, also serve as a window blind if your bed backs up to a…

RV Kitchen Egg Seperator

RV Kitchen Tip – Water Bottle as an Egg Seperator

When I make breakfast in my RV kitchen and especially when I am hosting others there are always a few of them that ask for “egg whites only” or some other such health fad request. Its always been a struggle for me to separate the two and it seems that innovation has gifted me another…

RV App Guide

RV App Guide: 10+ Apps for the Open Road

The smartphone revolution has caused even the most tech-resistant people to know exactly what the word “App” is referring to. Aside from that people are on a constant lookout for that next interesting app and in our case the most interesting RV App. I put together a condensed list of the most functional and helpful…


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