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This Replacement For Ice Will Save Space In An RV’s Freezer

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Saving space is the key to staying organized – especially when it comes to your RV.

In most recreational vehicles, there just isn’t a lot of room to bring along a ton of bulky or unnecessary items.

The kitchen in particular is pretty limited when it comes to space, and most fridges in motor homes are not meant to hold a ton of items.

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Even just ice cube trays can take most of the space up in the freezer, and may not leave you enough room to fit a bottle of vodka in there with it.

Tilt Chilling Spheres are a top-rate, quality replacement for those bulky trays, while still providing a way to keep your drinks nice and cold.

Sure, you can make ice for free, but these stainless steel drink chillers have a lot of pros to them, too.

They’ll keep your beverage cold for up to 45 minutes, without diluting it like melting ice will. The spheres are completely mess and hassle-free, whereas filling up ice cube trays with water can result in spills everywhere.


They feature an incredible, unique design.

Made of stainless steel, the huge spheres are center-weighted so they’ll always sit right-side-up and will never roll out of your glass. They also feature a superior surface area to volume ratio, giving your drink a much more even and effective chill than regular ice.

Kitchen Boy

The spheres are more practical and dazzling than Whiskey Stones or other chillers.

You can store them in your freezer, with the two freezer-safe silicone bases that are also included. Simply take one out when you want, and gently drop the frosty sphere in your drink to keep it chilled.


They’ll work in cold soups, dips, or even salads as well. When you’re all done, they can be removed with a metal retrieval hook (which also serves as a classy cocktail stirrer and garnishing stick).

Rinse it off, dry, and repeat…often!

Amazon has them available for 2 for $25, along with its 2 Metallic Stirrer/Garnishing Sticks and 2 Silicone Bases. You may want to pick up some soon – the hot summer is approaching in no time.

What do you think? Would you use these unique chillers in your RV?