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3 RV Books To Read While You’re Quarantined

Whether you’ve always been a big reader or have simply run out of home projects to do while under shelter-in-place orders, now’s the time to pick up a book. And since you’re most likely dreaming of the open road and missing those RV trips, here are three books to remind you of those days in the past and the RV trips yet to come.

1. The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson’s The Happy Camper is the story of Dillon Michaels, a woman who leaves her life of a lackluster career and love life to live on her aging grandfather’s small farm in Oregon.

She encounters her mother at the farm who has taken over Dillon’s old room, prompting her to prepare to leave. But saving grace comes in the form of her grandfather’s run-down camp trailer, which she takes on as a project to restore with the help of the handsome owner of the local hardware store.

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This is a tale of romance, intrigue, and drama as she works alongside her newfound friend, and unexpectedly her ex-boyfriend shows up with roses and a ring. 

At 352 pages, this book is the perfect length to engross you in this story and wish it would never end. Carlson’s writing is addicting; the award-winning author has penned over 200 books with sales of more than 7 million. 

2. The Reluctant RV Wife by Gerri Almand

If you’re in need of a laugh, look no further than The Reluctant RV Wife. This entertaining travel memoir is the true story of author Gerri Almand and her husband, who purchased an RV after retirement and convinced reluctant Gerri to join him in traveling in it for two years.

A classic comedy-of-errors whenever someone gets into a new venture they are ill-prepared for, Almand and her husband learn the tips and tricks of RV living while the author struggles to accept her new home on the road. Anyone who has spent time in an RV will relate to Almand’s struggle and the honest humor that comes from dealing with what the road deals you. 

In addition to its humor, the book is a slight how-to on various aspects of RV living and would make a good read for anyone new to the lifestyle. Almand learned to love life on the RV and still travels. The Reluctant RV Wife is the first book of a trilogy that explores all aspects of RV living as well as the questions that arise from marriage, life, aging, retirement, and travel. 

3. Be More Dog: Learning To Live In The Now by Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano

Be More Dog: Learning To Live in the Now is more than a how-to guide to life, it’s the story of an epic road trip, which is why it made our list of great RV books. The book follows the journey of dog owners Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano’s whose dog Jerry had already lost a leg to cancer.

They decide to sell their home, business, and possessions to enjoy Jerry’s final days together on an epic RV road trip. Jerry was only given months to live but ultimately their road trip lasted a full two years, during which Jerry teaches Jim and Rene the true meaning of life and the importance of living in the now. 

This book will entertain and inspire you, while also leading to the shedding of a few tears. Read more about Be More Dog in this RV LIFE article.

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