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RV Cargo Deck Mod Idea: Custom Built

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Most RV’ers tend to get pretty creative when it comes to ways to improve storage space and efficiencies. One place to make a huge gain in available storage space is the RV cargo deck mod. This isn’t right for everyone. Especially if you tow anything behind your RV, but it can free up multiple bins in your RV basement if done right. has a great example of what can come of this idea. There are many ways to implement the RV cargo deck. There are kits that you can purchase for weld on or bolt on. But the folks at RVBTGL built theirs from the ground up by cutting their pieces custom and welding it together. As you can see from the photos the results take the generator, a crate, and a huge storage bin from the other areas of the RV and free up that space for other items which I am sure it wont take long to back fill.

I have seen folks carrying all kinds of items on their RV cargo decks: Bikes, Generators, Bins, Chairs, Portable Toilets, Dog Carriers, Motorcycles, and the list goes on and on. If you are sure to structurally make your RV cargo deck sound it has a load capacity which can easily carry these items plus some.

This is one of those projects that you definitely need the right tools for the project. If you don’t have the tools be sure to make a friend that has the tools. It doesn’t hurt to make a friend who knows how to use them as well!


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