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RV Crocheting and Knitting: Crafting on the Move

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Knitting and crocheting projects are perfect for RVing. They don’t take up a lot of room and can be done and stored in the compact space of your RV. They don’t require a sewing machine or a lot of materials and don’t need a lot of space. I’ll add to the list cross-stitching and embroidery, which are some of my favorite craft types.

I get excited about this subject because I come from a long line of crafters. I truly learned at the feet of my grandmothers and aunts. From afghans to quilts, counted cross stitches to embroidery projects, I’ve created a lot and learned a lot. I will admit that I have crocheted but never knitted, so that might be a project for my future. I will also admit that while researching this story, I got “Etsy” sidetracked and ordered myself a pattern for a new RV crocheting project.

As most RVers know, there isn’t generally a lot of room for storing materials for projects. Take a look at a few of my tips for getting started and keeping your project protected and stored while on the road.

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Storage Solutions for the Beginner and Veteran Crafter

colorful cross stitching project in plastic container
Photo provided by author Terri Nighswonger.

Like me, you’ve probably been a crafter for most of your life, so finding storage in your RV from the very beginning is critical. Find a drawer or cabinet that is dedicated to your materials. If you grab this spot from the beginning, it will work out well.

For those who have been on the road a bit and are taking up a project, just tell your partner you are taking some time to “clean” and get rid of a few things. They can’t complain about that, can they? Miraculously that space will open to house your project.

I have also found plastic bins at Walmart or the Home Store that hold my counted cross-stitch materials. The project stays protected even if it doesn’t have a designated drawer.

Don’t forget to consider baskets that can easily be stored and removed to hold small items.

Materials To Bring

Materials you need to bring will, of course, relate to the project that you have chosen. Knitting and crocheting require needles, crochet hooks, and your preferred type of yarn. If your project requires a lot of yarn, it’s possible to purchase what you need to get started and acquire more as you go. Walmart, Joanne’s, or Michaels all have thread, yarn, and material and can be found all around the country as you travel.

I have had some difficulty finding DMC thread for my cross-stitch projects, so I get what I can when I can. Of course, Amazon, Etsy, and other sites can also be possibilities for finding materials.

Setting Up Space To Work

Larger projects, of course, will require more room but setting up space to work in your RV for single crochet or double crochet projects and knitting shouldn’t be too difficult. Most of these projects are done in your lap, and you can even work while your spouse drives. I created most of a king-sized quilt while in my RV. My mother sewed the pieces together, and I hand-quilted the blanket with the material in my lap. I didn’t use a large quilter’s frame I used a large embroidery hoop instead.

I’ve also found that a lap desk creates a solid surface if I need one. Mine folds down for storing as well.

Finding Your Perfect Project

blue, maroon and white quilt
Photo provided by author Terri Nighswonger.

For me, finding my perfect project is fun. I have tons of patterns that I will probably never complete, unfortunately.

I may be a little behind the eight-ball here, but I recently found that Etsy is a great resource for project ideas, knitting and crochet patterns, and inspiration. Americana-style patterns are my go-to.

Also, don’t be shy about looking at other people’s finished projects both online and in stores. I also get crochet inspiration from visiting gift and craft shops, farmer’s markets, or vendor fairs that sell the type of crafts you like to do. My current winter home has both a gift shop and vendor fairs that I like to attend. An upcoming quilt show is also a fun way for me to spend an afternoon. You can talk to sellers and get tips and tricks from them.

Finding Fellow Camper Crafters

Finding your fellow crafters might include hanging out at the local craft show or spying on a fellow knitter in your RV park and starting a conversation. There are plenty of online forums like iRV2 forums to get your questions answered and Facebook groups that will help you get going.

I found a few groups of RVers on social media who knit and crochet. including RV Crocheters who create masterpieces, cook and travel and Crampers-R-Us (Crocheting Campers & Glampers) Hooker’s Unite. You may even find some fellow enthusiasts posting on Instagram, as well.

Crafting as a Side Hustle for Your RV Life

Crafting can also be your new side hustle. As an RVer, you have the flexibility to seek out craft fairs to sell your wares. Etsy is the perfect online outlet to set up a store and get some income. A gift shop that I frequent in our RV resort sells everything from the perfect hot pad to quilted totes, pottery, embroidered jackets, tea towels, and more—and they are all handmade. If you can make it, there is probably someone out there who will buy it.

RV Crocheting or Knitting Is the Perfect Travel Craft

You don’t have to leave your crafty life behind just because you live in a motorhome or camper van. (Check out my post about quilting in your RV.) RV crocheting and knitting are perfect craft options, but there are many more to consider as the perfect companions for your RV adventures.

Post in the comments below and let me know what crafts you enjoy in your RV and how you manage all the pieces.

3 thoughts on “RV Crocheting and Knitting: Crafting on the Move”

  1. I’ve recently found slow-stiching as my new hobby! I’m now enjoying using fundamental embroidery stitches(straight stitch can do a whole project), but I hope I can get my stitches more complicated over time. You can just free form little projects on the fly, the idea is to take some time for yourself and create and maybe meditate – though I’m so excited to be making hearts and birds for friends I haven’t gotten the go slow part down very well yet. I enjoy a couple of facebook groups that have slow stitching in their names, one especially is a “junk salvage” group that has me looking at my old clothes and rags, and peeking in dumpsters for materials. I use embroidery floss, a sewing needle with a large enough eye for the floss, and various scraps of material and beads to create little projects like hearts to share, flags, needle holders, birds to hang outside… you can get creative.

  2. Two comments about buying additional yarn for a project while on the road: 1) Check out yarn availability on your route. Local yarn stores can be few and far between, and Walmarts have cut back their selection. Where we camp, there are also very few Hobby Lobbys or Michaels, and the nearest Walmart is an hour and a half away, so I can’t just pop in and buy more yarn. 2) If you’re working with nicer yarn, don’t assume you will be able to find your yarn, and definitely don’t assume you will be able to match your dye lot. It might be necessary to take all the yarn you’ll need. Pick your projects accordingly.

  3. I’m an avid crocheter. I travel with 6 totes stored in an outside compartment of my motorhome. I know, I have more yarn in my motorhome than most crocheters have in their sticks&bricks homes! My goal is to reduce my stash down to 2 totes. I’m currently making items to sell online and also at craft fairs…wish me luck!
    I have recently added another hobby to my list…diamond art! It’s really fun and relaxing, and takes up minimal space…I have a bunch of kits, a light board, and extra tools and it all takes up almost no space at all! And when I complete a project, I post it on FB and give it away for someone to frame and hang on their wall!

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