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RV Door Window Glass Mod: A Door for All Seasons

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Many RV’s come with just two different RV door configurations:

  1. a screen door on the outside
  2. and a solid door with a port hole on the inside

Though it works fine on most days, this setup isn’t ideal for all circumstances.

I’ve often thought that having a lighter version of a storm door on an RV would be useful when you still want air circulation, but less than that offered by a typical screen door.

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A clever RV craftsman with username ‘John’ showcased a very compelling step by step guide on how to take your RV screen door and install Lexan window glass in it.

This particular example was done to a 2004 Sunline Solaris T310SR travel trailer.

RV Door Window Glass Mod Photos

RV screen door

Making an RV storm door

Taping the storm door together

Completed RV storm door

Top half of the installed RV storm door

Bottom half of an RV storm door

This design makes it easy to remove some or all of the panels depending on your preference for air circulation or protection from the elements.

It’s a modular design with lightweight and easy to store panels.

John recommends using the slightly more expensive Lexan over Plexiglas as he is convinced its much better to work with for this type of application.

He used 0.093” thick Lexan for this project.

Measure ahead of time to make sure the Lexan you purchase is the right thickness to fit flush against your screen door.

Its typically best to have the panels on the outside to keep moisture and residue off the screen.

Tools Needed for this RV Door Window Glass Mod

  • Saw that cuts wood with a fine tooth blade (Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Circular Saw, or even a Saber Saw)
  • Clamps to create a guide
  • Mill File (optional)
  • Tape Measure
  • Erasable Marker
  • Safety Glasses

Materials Needed for the RV Door Window Glass Mod

Steps to Create Your Lexan Storm Door

  1. Purchase Lexan and necessary tools
  2. Trace out the shape of your screen door onto the Lexan
  3. Cut the Lexan pieces with a saw
  4. Use duct tape and sheets of plastic from a plastic bag to tape the Lexan onto the mesh
  5. Take off or add panels as desired


For most RV owners, this mod is a bit more involved than some others.

There’s a lot of measuring, figuring, and testing that goes along with adding RV door window glass to a screen door.

You can expect (assuming you have all the tools) that this mod will cost you around $100-150 in materials depending on the layout of your RV door and how large the panels are.

If you can get away with buying smaller sheets of Lexan, that will cut down the price a lot. 

See the full detailed step by step instructions along with dozens of photos at RV.Net

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