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5 RV Gifts For Kids Big And Little You Can Buy Online

2. Dale’s RV from The Walking Dead

cool RV gifts for kids
McFarlane Toys

For those older kids in your life (and grown-ups too!), Dale’s RV from the Walking Dead is a completely buildable Winnebago!

In the TV show, Dale’s RV was a Safe-Haven for the original Atlanta survivors, a refuge, a vantage point, and even a place of happiness and hope in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

Often seen atop his RV, Dale is the lookout, moral compass and one of the original leaders of the group. Now you can build this iconic vehicle and owner to help protect your figures from the apocalypse!

Comes with show-accurate decals, real functioning wheels and door with mosquito screen, two lawn chairs, umbrella, and two removable awnings.

Of course you get Dale and his own binoculars (with interchangeable sitting legs), RV Walker, and Female Herd Walker figures too!

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