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Minimizing and Storing Toys in Your RV

RVing with kids is incredibly rewarding. That said, it does come with its own set of unique challenges that parents must learn how to navigate. One of these challenges—especially if you choose to live in your RV—comes in the form of toys.

As we all know, even the biggest RV isn’t all that big. Keeping every little toy that comes through the door just isn’t going to happen. Minimizing toys in your RV and storing them in a way that makes sense is crucial when you stay in a tiny space. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to go about this.

Read on to learn how you can sort through the playthings, keep the most useful items, get rid of the rest, and get your tiny home-on-wheels organized.

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Minimizing the Toys in Your RV

Pull It All Out

Begin by pulling all the toys out. Being able to look at how much you actually have is helpful. Besides, when you’re trying to pick and choose, it can help to see what it is you’ll have to choose from.

As you bring things out, place them in one spot and get ready to do some sorting.

Set Firm Limits

Now that all the toys in your RV are out, it’s time to start deciding which ones to keep and which to let go. However, children often find it difficult to part with their toys. Therefore, if your children are helping with this sorting task, it’s important to establish clear rules about what they can and cannot keep.

For instance, some families will allow their kids to keep only what will fit in a specific box. Other families require the kids to choose a few items in each category (like five toy cars, one bin of LEGO blocks, two dolls, etc). Whatever limits you choose, be firm with them, but let your kids make decisions within those limits.

Go Open-Ended

If want to choose some of the toys to be kept, or if you want to encourage your kids to pick certain things, try to go with open-ended items. Toys such as Magna-Tiles and play silks are perfect tools for imaginary play and can be used in a number of different scenarios. This makes them more versatile and more likely to be used.

Other great versatile items include art supplies, LEGO bricks, dollhouses, Playmobil sets, and pretend food and dishes.

Make Gift Suggestions

After you’ve decluttered the toys, maintaining that decluttered state can be a challenge, especially with kids constantly acquiring new items, particularly during birthdays and holidays. To address this, it’s a good idea to have a list of non-toy gift ideas ready for these occasions.

Consider suggesting gifts that won’t add clutter to your space, like gift cards, enrollment in classes, shared experiences with the gift giver, one significant gift instead of multiple small ones, consumable items like art supplies and bubbles, or practical things they need, such as clothing and fun toiletry items.

Storing the Toys in Your RV

Take Some Outside

When you’re RVing, many activities that are usually done indoors, like playtime, can be moved outside. Of course, outdoor toys such as bikes, scooters, and slides are naturally stored outside. But many toys typically used indoors can also be kept outside in bins under the RV or in the outdoor storage compartments.

Ideal toys for this kind of storage include large dollhouses or similar playsets. Others could be plastic construction toys like Magna-Tiles and LEGO bricks, and Hot Wheels tracks and cars. However, it’s best not to store wooden or cloth toys outside, as they can be damaged by wet weather.

Invest in TRONES

For the toys that do remain inside, we cannot recommend IKEA’s TRONES enough. Technically, these are shoe storage boxes. But because they mount to the wall and are very low-profile while still holding lots of stuff, they are ideal for RV storage. One of the best things to put in these awesome boxes? Toys!

Mount them to the wall at the end of each child’s bunk (or anywhere else you see fit) and fill them up. At the end of the day, toy cleanup is quick and easy. Everything is nice, neat, and out of the way.

Hang Pocket Organizers

When floor space is at a minimum, wall space becomes your new best friend, and pocket organizers are one of the best ways to make use of wall space. Hang a clear shoe organizer to store and organize small toys such as Barbie clothes and LEGO bricks. Hang a file folder organizer to hold paperback books. Use your wall space wisely, and you’ll be good to go!

Make Use of Command Hooks

Another great way to make use of the space your wall offers is by making use of Command hooks. These hooks are fabulous because they can be hung without the use of screws and can be removed without damaging your RV walls.

Command hooks are perfect for hanging certain toys, such as Nerf guns, toy instruments, and dress-up clothes. They are also great for hanging the aforementioned pocket organizers.

Get a Stuffed Animal Hammock

Another fabulous hanging storage solution is the stuffed animal hammock. This is a must-have if your child collects a lot of dolls or stuffed toys. It keeps them up and out of the way. Hang the hammock in the corner at the foot of your child’s bunk or somewhere in the bunkroom. And toss all the stuffies up there until playtime rolls around. When it’s time to clean up, doing so is as easy as tossing them all backup.

Wrapping Up

Remembering these tips and strategies can help you effectively manage the toy collection in your RV. You’ll be able to maintain order while still ensuring there are plenty of fun items for your children. Why not begin today? A quick decluttering session and some smart organizing can make a significant impact in a compact space like an RV.