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RV Mod for Keeping Rodents out of an Engine Compartment

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

rv-rodent-fix-1When you leave your RV unattended for any period  of time there is always the chance that rodents or even squirrels may hitch a ride on your next road trip. It seems more common to those who stay stationary for a period of time. They really seem to like the engine compartment area and have become notorious for building nests there.

It seems folks are having success keeping the critters out by installing LED lights inside the area where they want to keep clear of pests. Much like it was shown at Me and My Dog…and My RV. Initially we thought it was a hokey solution but we then confirmed through several sources that this is an effective way to deal with many rodent or squirrel problems. Apparently most rodents will not nest anywhere where there is harsh light. Frankly, when you think about being in a small space with bright LED lights, is that somewhere you could sleep?

The RV Rodent Mod is Comprised of:

The RV Rodent Mod Photo Gallery

Keep in mind that this method does require some soldering, though you could connect the wires with alternative methods, it may not be as clean nor reliable.

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The RV Rodent Mod Outline:

  1. Feed the electrical wire from the cab into the engine compartment. You  want it long enough to stretch from the lights through the dash and plug into your DC (cigarette lighter) outlet.
  2. Solder or connect wire to one end of the LED Light Strip.
  3. Drape and Zip Tie the LED’s around the engine compartment. Try to keep them away from any moving parts or anything that gets really hot.
  4. Connect the DC plug to the wires inside the cab.

The result is simple. Once you are in for the night simply plug in the lights to the cigarette lighter outlet and the lights come on. When you get up simply unplug it. As long as you remember to unplug and re-plug every day you should be well on your way to fixing your rodent problem. For more information and detailed photos have a look at Me and My Dog…and My RV.

I am sure there is someone out there that has come up with a way to use rope lights or some other ready made product for this same purpose. What ideas do you use to keep the critters out? Please share in the comments below.

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