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RV Park Internet Solutions: What To Do When Your Connection Is Spotty

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These RV park internet solutions will keep you connected, even when the signal is spotty. Photo:Istock

The Best RV Park Internet Solutions To Improve Your Connectivity

RV camping is seen as a way to get away from it all. However, RVers still want to stay connected to the internet for a variety of reasons. RVers might need reliable Wi-Fi for remote work or school, for leisure activities (such as gaming and watching movies), or just to stay in touch with loved ones.

A recent survey of 49 diverse campers by Outdoor Miles found that 80% of campers consider reliable internet to be very important, even when they are camping. Many RV parks have taken note of the desire for reliable Wi-Fi and have responded by providing internet for guests.

Why Is RV park internet so bad?

Although RV parks are trying to meet the needs of campers by providing internet solutions, it is often a spotty connection. The problem is this: Campsite Wi-Fi is usually supplied via a router located at (or near) the campground office. The quality of the Wi-Fi at a campground can be affected by any of the following conditions:

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  • The distance of your campsite to the RV park router: The further away your campsite is to the router, the weaker the signal gets. If you are more than 300 feet from the router, you probably won’t get a signal at all.
  • The number of campers using the Wi-Fi and what they are using it for: Chances are you won’t get very good download or upload speeds if there are many campers at the RV park using the internet. If they are all downloading videos or using their computers to stream online gaming, the RV park Wi-Fi will become overloaded.
  • Trees in the campground: If your campsite is surrounded by beautiful trees, your signal will be obstructed and can become spotty or even non-existent.
  • RVs block Wi-Fi signals: RVs are made from metal and fiberglass components. Either of these materials can effectively block Wi-Fi signals and cause reception problems. Luckily, there are workarounds for this, including using a Wi-Fi booster.

How to improve your RV park Wi-Fi signal

Camp close to the router

If staying connected to the internet is important to you, call the RV park office and find out which sites have the best Wi-Fi reception. Then you can book one of those campsites instead of a spot where getting good reception is a struggle.

Use cellular data

Using cell phone or mobile hotspot data instead of RV park Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver for digital nomads and others who depend on Wi-Fi for work or school. If you camp in different areas, it may be worth your while to invest in data plans from several providers. Different providers will have towers in different areas. Having a few data plans will increase your ability to stay connected.

Get out of the forest

We love camping in the beauty (and privacy) of a natural forest. However, if you want a reliable Wi-Fi signal, you may have to select a campsite with fewer trees. Check RV LIFE Campground Reviews to see what other RVers have said about the signal strength during their stay.

Use a Wi-Fi booster

Having a Wi-Fi booster can be very helpful for getting better signal strength and data speeds. We’ve heard great things about the Winegard Connect 2.0 Wi-Fi & 4G signal booster. This small booster mounts on the roof of the RV.

Use a cell signal booster

A cell signal booster can improve the quality of a cellular signal anywhere there is a cell tower within range. These signal boosters work well if you can get a weak data signal and want to strengthen it, but they won’t work if there is no cell signal within range.

We like the WeBoost RV cell signal booster. It’s specifically designed for the needs of RVers.

Get Starlink For RVs

Starlink is now specifically available for RV users. Starlink for RVs costs $599 for hardware and $135 per month. It’s geared more toward fulltime RVers and digital nomads than weekend campers.

However, Starlink for RVs promises reliable, strong Wi-Fi signals for RV campers. That’s as long as you are within Starlink satellite range and have an unobstructed view of the sky.

If you normally camp in RV parks within Starlink’s available areas, then Starlink for RVs might be a good RV park internet solution for you.

Find more RV park internet solutions

Even though you might not be getting the best Wi-Fi signal at your RV campsite, it’s possible to improve internet quality and speed. You may find that a Wi-Fi signal booster or cell signal booster does the job. Just because your RV park Wi-Fi is spotty, it doesn’t mean you have to live without internet. Fortunately, there are plenty of RV park internet solutions to meet your needs.

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