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Get Ready To Pay (More) To Play On RV Park WiFi

Net Neutrality – the recently enacted Federal Communications Commission (FCC) law that requires broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic equally – apparently doesn’t apply to the RVing community. In a move that encourages RV park owners to charge customers different rates for accessing different speeds of RV park WiFi service, Tengo Internet is promoting its “Freemium” RV park WiFi model as a new revenue stream for park owners.

RV park WiFi

Tengo Internet says it wants RV park owners to invest in better WiFi systems. But what this really means is that now if you want to do anything more than download basic emails without those 10 megabyte photo memes that dear Aunt Sally loves to send, you’re going to have to pay more money at check in.

RV Park WiFi Takes a Toll

According to a Tengo Internet press release, the company is encouraging campground owners to:

Provide free, basic WiFi service to those who need it for checking email, Facebook and other low-bandwidth Internet applications, but charge a daily, weekly, or monthly premium to those who need high-speed WiFi service for video streaming and other high-bandwidth applications.

In our experience, 30 percent of park guests need high-speed WiFi service and are willing to pay a premium for it, much like commuters who pay to drive on special toll roads for a faster commute to and from work,” says Kevin Lloyd, TengoInternet’s director of sales and marketing.

RV park WiFI vranka

If you’ve ever attempted to use RV park WiFi you know how excruciatingly slow it can be to do something as seemingly simple as looking at Facebook. With nearly every website today using embedded auto-playing video and audio, it will be interesting to see if Tengo’s “Freemium” model can handle the bandwidth intensity of the most basic websites in use today.

Should you choose to opt out of Tengo’s Freemium model, you have many other ways to get your Internet fix. Check out our RV Internet and Mobile WIFI * The On the Go Guide for the latest methods of getting online at RV parks.

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